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I am passionate about programming, since my first participiations in ACM-ICPC and the International Olympiad in Informatics, I did enjoy studying about how to improve my code, learning techniques, algorithms, and trying to master the languages that I used for competition. That work, turned me from contestant in the 2008 IOI to the Deputy Leader of my country since then, among with two participations as contestant in the ACM-ICPC Northern South America Regionals programming contest.

Now with the experience of work, I develop new skills to make my code better, using design patterns and best practices in all the environments, in order to work as a team with my colleagues, producing a good exchange of knowledge with them, in order to pull over the projects as the SCRUM guidelines says.

My interests now on, is to keep improving my solutions, not only about code, also I would like to earn more experience in design and build complete solutions as a software architect, using the cutting edge technology to tackle problems. Also I feel interested about doing studies in distributed development, mobile applications, and artificial inteligence areas.

As an aditional interests and hobbies, I keep participating once in a while in programming online contest such as TopCoder algorithm, and Codeforces. Also I like learning new languages, that is why I started studying french by myself using duolingo.
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* 4Geeks (Computer Software): Developer in a Java Enterprise Edition environment. Working with the backend, helping the architect to build from the data model, passing trough the Enterprise Java Beans Services, to the frontend with the GWT Services and now JavaScript and Ajax.

* Olimpíada Venezolana de Informática (Computer Software): Deputy Leader of the Venezuelan delegation for the International Olympiad in Informatics. Volunteer work, teaching from algorithm techniques to data structures, preparing the contestants to participate in the Olympiad.

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