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About me
I have completed my Ph.D. from the Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University. During my Ph.D., I have been working on the characterization of cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets. The characterization includes the electrical and optical diagnostic of plasma discharges. The electrical diagnostics includes the determination of variation in the current and voltage waveforms as a function of time, their characteristics, and input power. The Optical emission diagnostics includes determination of plasma electron temperature, gas temperature, vibrational temperature, and electron number density. Based upon these diagnostics the discharges are categorized for their specific applications. During my Ph.D., the focus was to generate discharges for the applications in bio-medical. For this purpose, I did design different plasma generators such as conventional cross-field plasma jet, hybrid linear-cross-field plasma jet, and linear field plasma jet from bare metallic copper electrodes. Hybrid-cross-field plasma jet was proved to be the most dynamic discharge configuration based upon its characteristics, such as low gas temperature and generation of the higher density of reactive species. Moreover, I did study the influence of different shielding tube diameters, which resulted in the generation of a 52 cm long plasma jet.
At present, I am researching the isotropic etching polishing of Inconel 718. Inconel 718 is a nickel-chromium alloy used in the hot sections of the aerospace engines, gas turbines, and power plants.
I have friendly command on the following instruments,
1.    Oscilloscope, current probe, voltage probe
2.    Spectrometer
3.    Intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD)
4.    Scanning electron microscope
5.    Laser microscope
6.    Atomic force microscope
Work history
1.    I have completed Ph.D. from Tsinghua University which is ranked 1st in China and 15th in the world QS ranking.
2.    Published 5 SI index journal papers as first author/coauthor.
3.    Won First prize for developing Pockel-Mach-Zehnder method for the characterization of plasma discharges
4.    Worked as a TA with my supervisor for conducting undergraduate level lab experiments
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