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My first project was in 1987, an inteligent home made it with a Commodore 64 in Assembler and using electrical wires as a signal transport medium.

I'm an ElectroOptical Practical Engeenier because I felt in love with lazers and optical fiber. 

Building internet since 1996.

I always loved to be at the crest of wave studing new tendencies on internet. 

Now I work with Google technologies,  I'm co-founder the comunity from the Buenos Aires GTUG..

I advice people on how to take advantage of technology in  the best way, from web sites, ecommerce, security, comunications systems, Googleplus and Internet in general. 

I have a wide range of clients, but I rather don't speak about it, when you decide to work with me, I am sure you'll apretiate it!

Almost vegan, Drupal Asociation Member, Bs As Critical Mass pioneer, I like to study Kabala. 
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