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I've been working with Open Source technologies since I started to work at Celepar, throughout my career as a software developer I have acquired a lot of experience in several areas like as Android, Java, PHP, PostgreSQL e teamwork. I'm really passionate for software development, I really like to improve the citizen life through systems among which I highlight the station electronic or "Delegacia Eletrônica"​ in portuguese.

In android I created some App like "PureScore"​ and "Salmos"​.

At the moment I'm working with game development in android using AndEngine.

My future goal is to live abroad, I want to live in Canada or in United States and work with mobile development or game development.

Nowadays I'm working in an android app for the government, the police of Paraná, this app can turn the police job really easy.
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* Personal Project: In my spare time I dedicate myself in personal android projects, see more on the

* Celepar (Information Technology and Services): Software Developer Android, Java, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Hibernate, javascript

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