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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
My name is Fernanda, I am graduated in bussiness and I am a traveler.
I am a curious person and always interesting to learn different stuffs in different field, as music, quantic physic, literature, history, sports, natural and healthy feed, dance, technology and others.
I have strong personality, the mostly the time I defend my ideas with plenty persuasion and energy. Sometimes I think I would be a great lawyer.
I spent my early twenties in university and working. It was very productive time. while I was in university I worked in different companies and different field, it was important for me understand how work the corporative world and check wich field could be better for me.
I have two significant experience on two  great companies. The first one was in IBM. In my early twenties, I had an opportunity to work in this company and learn how work in very professional and affective way. IBM always make assessments in short period of time to make sure everybody are working on the best way and also provide trainings.  I could improve my performance as a professional with this experience. One of the more important things I learned in this time was: achieve goals doesn’t matter the circumstance. I bring it with me until now.
The second important professional experience was when I work in a Spanish company. It was on railway sector and I was responsible for buy electronics material to trains and coordination all logistic. Actually, I start as an assistant and I left the company as a responsible for my department. This company gave me a chance to develop new providers in all world and create internal process to improve the logistic at the company. This experience made me confidence and taught me make decisions and take a risk.
I like to work on methodical and systematic way, because, I believe it is more didactic and effective, however, I think is important give people freedom to work how is better for each one, when it is possible.
The last 2 years I decided live in Europe to improve my language skill. During this time I traveled in this continent and also east countries. I did class to advanced Cambridge certification in Ireland. I study and worked in Spain. I gave English class in Russia.
It was the more rich experience in my life because I have learned a lot of about different culture, human behave, how make good relations and swap experience. In this time I worked in many different jobs ,  waitress, cashier, English teacher, Aupair and freelancer. It made me adaptable person and flexible. Nowadays, I understand people much better and I could improve my communication skill.
I strong believe  as a human, we can swap and share usual information to make our life better through the communication. One of this way is reading, once, not everyone is able to travel, provide information and knowledge through the reading is one way to empower  and encourage people to make significant changes and improvements on society life in different field.
For this reason, I decided start work as a translator to give everyone in all world a opportunity to get knowledge and information through the reading.
I think everyone has a  mission in this life and I am trying to be a channel to be usual to society through my work.
Best regards;
Fernanda Holanda
Historia laboral
WORK EXPERIENCE            Manager materials, Administrative Assistant, Custume service, English teacher 

English student, English teacher from 2014 to 2016

I lived in Ireland for 18 months as a english student, I started from beginner and finished in advanced C1. I got class for Cambridge certificate. During this time as a student abroad, I worked as a freelancer as translator, as waitress, as aupair and participated in many discussion’s groups and helped other student prepare to Cambridge exams in write and speech. I also lived in Russia for 8 weeks and I worked as a English teacher.
NOVEMBER -10  TO JULLY -14    Material’s manager
    Construcciones y Auxiliares Ferroarrillos – CAF Spain
    CAF is an international Spanish company, in the railway sector, they build and sell train around world. For four years I worked in CAF with Management supplies materials, Purchase electrical materials for the trains, visit providers, review document to process of import and export of materials, preparation of meetings with senior management, treatment of technical problems in electrical materials.

DEZEMBER-08 TO MAY-10      Costumer service
                                              Internacional Business Machines  (IBM) Brazil
        I worked in IBM Brazil, in projects to provide information technology services.I did Suport IT, help desk, deploying new operation system on the client, visit customer.

JULY-07 TO SEPTEMBER-08        Administrative Assistant

                                              Kumon Education Institute – Brazil
          Kumon is a japonese company that sell franchises in education. I worked in Kumon office          being part of the team work who support the franchises. I did Assistance for engineers team, cash flow management, annual budget for the office, organization of events to support the franchisees.

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