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Digital League is comprised of a group of experts in the Software Engineering discipline, who bring together a passion for technology and business development alike.

At Digital League, we believe that the best solution is the one that reflects the business needs of our customers. Our goal is to create long lasting partnerships with our customers, who rely on us to turn their ideas into products.

In order to achieve this, we create synergy with our customers by making them part of our team and aligning their goals with ours. Our technical team will apply its knowledge to understand our customers’ business, find the set of technologies that will support the software development process, and then work together with our customers to deliver the solution.

With Digital League, you will find a team of professionals that will care about your business, have deep understanding of the technologies that will support your business to grow, and look forward to working with you to bring your ideas to life!


The technologies that we use, support an Agile software development cycle that is oriented to help our development team and you to transform your ideas into working, marketable products.

Our technical expertise is centered around creating rich Web and Mobile applications that are visually attractive, have a solid business logic and have an architecture that is flexible, maintainable, testable and scalable.

We support the product lifecycle with tools that facilitate the development of emergent software design that grows together with your products, optimising the use of both financial and technological resources.

Our Web technologies include:
    Development for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/Oracle/Postgres and PHP) environments.
    Development for .Net (C#, IIS and SQL Server) environments
    HTML/CSS/Javascript development for rich Web 2.0 user interfaces
    Development of Web services using REST and SOAP
    Tools to support delivery through continuous integration (Jenkins)
    Tools for interface test automation (Selenium)
    Tools for business logic test automation (PHPUnit, NUnit, JUnit, Jasmine, Fitnesse)
    Tools for performance test of dynamic and static resources (JMeter)
    Systems for source code version control (GIT, Subversion)
    Setup of development, staging and production environments

Our Mobile technologies include:
    Development for iOS, Android, Microsoft Mobile and Blackberry OS applications

Other technologies include:
    Cloud computing with Amazon and Rackspace
    Payment gateways (Paypal, Authorize.Net)

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