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Anna E.

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Sobre mí
I'm Venezuelan. I studied Modern Languages - Translation - at the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela). My languages combination is English and French. I have been teaching both languages to kids, teenagers and adults since 2013. Nowadays, I work at the UCV giving English and French classes (as a second language) to adult people. Also, I teach Spanish grammar and orthography as a freelancer. I have been translating general texts since 2014, generally as a freelancer, too.
Historia laboral
*French and English teacher - Québec Institute - Caracas (2013-2014).
*French and English teacher - FUNDEIM - UCV (2014 - Present).
*Teaching French and English as second languages - Freelancer (July 2013 - Present).
*Teaching Spanish grammar and spelling review (July 2013 - Present).
*Translations (SP-EN, EN-SP, SP-FR, FR-SP) (July 2013 - Present).
*Spanish text corrections (July 2013 - Present)

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