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Erlon P.

DevOps Engineer, Linux Specialist, LPIC3, RHCE.

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DevOps Engineer, Linux Specialist, Monitoring Specialist, LPIC3 [300|302|303|304], RHCE, RHCT, RHCSA, Novell DCTS, Novell CLA, Zabbix Certified Specialist [2.4|3.0], Zabbix Certified for Large Environments, Zabbix Certified Professional, Zimbra Certified Administrator, ITIL-F V3, ISO/IEC 27002, ASF.
Historia laboral
* F13 Tecnologia (Information Technology & Services): F13 Technology is the leading company focusing on open source located in the northeast of Brazil.

Implemented dozens of computer monitoring structures using technologies such as Nagios, Centreon and Zabbix.

He was responsible for the design, implementation and management of the largest case of computing monitoring on the northern region of Brazil. (More than 3,000 network assets and 100 thousand collect items).

He has implemented several ServiceDesk structures in public and private companies.

Participated in the development of the Gatekeeper software, which is for management, control and auditing of remote connections via SSH protocol.

Participated in the development of ZTOOL software, which is for the addition of new features in Zimbra collaboration Suite.

Was responsible for several windows OS migration projects for Linux, customizing such environments according to existing needs in these projects.

Developed deployment structures based on puppet software (more than 3000 stations).

He served as LPI Proctor, Red Hat Partner and Ubuntu Partner.

Implemented dozens of mail and antispam structures using technologies as Zimbra, Postfix and ASSP.

Experience with Bash script and PHP using these languages to automate various procedures.

Has Implemented high availability strutctures using technologies as DRBD, Heartbeat and HA-Proxy.

* Universidade de Fortaleza (Higher Education): I'm actually coordinating a MBA focused in project, implementation and management of free software computing environments.

* Faculdade Estácio de Sá Fortaleza (Education Management): During 6 years I was teached disciplines focused in operating systems, distributed systems, network services, linux and related technologies. Today I'm teaching just in postgraduate courses on the same institution.

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