Rafael S. freelancer experto en HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS

Rafael S.

Senior Manufacturing Information Systems Engineer

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Programación y Tecnología

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I've a big passion for programming, I've being programming since about 1995 when most advanced machine  was a 386 and programming language was turbo basic, since that things started to change in my career, new  technologies, new Programming languages, Basic, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic and now C# & Java (for  android), I'm always developing something and open to learn new stuff, last couple years I'm re-focusing myself on Web Development, I'm involved in cross-platform Developing with Xamarin, Targeting Windows,  Andorid and iOS devices.

Being in the Healthcare industry for the last years helped my to understand how this industry works and key point were as a developer, I can change and make it better.

Looking forward to keep my self programming and trying to be as innovative as I can.
Historia laboral
* Magic Leap (Consumer Electronics)

* Humana (Health, Wellness & Fitness): Technologies/ Frameworks:
- Visual Studio 2015
- Javascript, Bootstrap
- AngularJS,
- Knockout,  JQuery,
- WCF Services
Maintaining windows based applications:
- C# Visual Studio 2015
- SQL Server
- Developer Express Suite.

As Application Consultant I developed an understanding about the business needs and translated into a better design and improved performance of our Software.

Key responsibility:
- Develop high quality code to meet business requirements
- Transitioning some C# Windows native apps to Web Based Applications using MVVM Pattern (Javascript & AngularJS)
- Maintaining and Improving existing Windows Application.
- Optimizing LINQ to get better Data performance dragging less resources from the Server
- Giving guidance to co-workers not familiar with the code

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