Carlos O. M. freelancer experto en Investigación, Ingeniería Mecánica, Ingenieria Eléctrica

Carlos O. M.

Physicist and Engineer. Consultant.

Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Sobre mí
-As a scientist and design engineer

I am a physicist and Research Engineer with 13+ years of experience in research, design and development. Experience in international and cross disciplinary projects. Good communication skills. Teaching experience at university, high school and elementary school levels. Bilingual English-Spanish with basic knowledge of French and other languages and with former residency in Argentina, United states, Switzerland, France and Thailand.

My experience spans cross disciplinary projects covering the whole design and development cycle: concept studies, design, modeling, simulation, fabrication, testing and optimization using different theoretical, computational and experimental techniques as well as managing working groups and test facilities.                 

I am able to integrate, develop and coordinate different types of  knowledge and techniques that the modern cross-disciplinary projects requires. In this way, creative and proactive thinking beyond the standard discipline structures are between the characteristics that I have being developing over the years.

-As a manager, entrepreneur and team leader

My capabilities for innovating, introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity, or generating new products or services, together to my strong team building abilities and leadership are among the qualities that characterize my management and entrepreneurial skills. I am an impassioned team leader who mentors with purpose and understands that strong working relationships create great teams and produce exceptional results.

Specialties: Applied, industrial and engineering physics. Systems Engineering. Design, modeling and simulations. Optimization. Multi-physics analysis.  Informatics technology. Information analysis. Defense affairs. Technical coordination. Auditory. Project engineering. Project management. Operations Research. Performance evaluation. Industrial organization. Public relations and event management. Intelligence. Business development. Business and operations management.
Historia laboral
* Maidana Research (Research): Specialized consulting services in the technical-scientific field for small and medium size companies providing advice in technical matters and performing information analysis (business intelligence) when requested. Always open to new assignments and opportunities worldwide.

•Engineering and scientific support to projects, programmes and general studies; verifying and enhancing designs of components, supporting structures, services and construction by means of both analytical calculations and simulation.
•Support of design teams and technicians in all aspects of science and engineering excellence and best practices, proposing design solutions and providing back up calculations and analyses.
•Document and report results on technical analysis.
•Identification of critical development problems and assist in their resolution.
• Studies in industrial organization, machine protection and risk management.
•  Performing studies and activities in technology and operations management.
•  Technical coordination / project engineering. Project management.

* M&B Jewelry Store (Luxury Goods & Jewelry): As owner and business founder, I am in charge of the company set-up as well as of the international business development, strategic partnering and supply chain development, the legal and administrative tasks concerning the company set-up, registration and administration. I oversee the marketing strategy, advertisement material and I manage the e-marketing campaign as well as all the aspects related to  international trade and e-business -including all e-commerce aspects-. I'm in charge of the technology and operations management and as such I'm trying to reach a deep integration level between the informatics technology aspects and the operations aspect of it achieving a high level of efficiency, automation and control of the daily operations. As an e-business development operating worldwide there are no market boundaries for the company operations but emphasis is given to the trade between the European Union, United States, Switzerland, Thailand and other East/S.E. Asian markets.

* Idaho State University (Higher Education): Affiliate Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. [Service]

•Project consulting. Research grants proposals writing and analysis.
•Seminars’ Lecturer.
•Enginering sciences

* American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Nonprofit Organization Management): Conduct activities toward the understanding of physical mechanisms and associated technologies that lead to the implementation and design of nonchemical, high energy propulsion systems other than electric thruster systems. Propulsion systems. [Service]

* The Mars Society - Switzerland (Defense & Space): Works to educate the public, the media and government of the benefits of exploring the red planet and outer space. Advice in questions related to space science and technology with emphasis in space nuclear systems, advanced propulsion systems and mission planning. [Service]

*European Organization for Nuclear Research - CERN
Senior Research Fellow

*Idaho National Laboratory
Research Associate

*Idaho State University
Research Assistant in Applied Physics

*Michigan State University
Consultant and Teacher Assistant in Mechanical Engineering
Research Assistant in Physics

*Teacher of Informatics Technology

*Instructional Laboratory Manager (IT)

*Institute for Scientific and Technical Research of the Armed Forces - CITEFA
Technical intern in Guidance, Simulation and Control Systems

*Argentinean Commission of Atomic Energy - CNEA
Technical intern in Materials Engineering

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