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Hola, mi nombre es Luis Guillermo Buschbeck Hernández. Tengo 38 años y soy mexicano, vivo en Puebla (centro del país). Tengo grado de Maestría en Ingeniería Mecatrónica. Mi visión profesional es enaltecer y preservar la ingeniería en la rama de la Mecatrónica, orientando mis conocimientos al servicio de los demás y en favor del desarrollo humano y empresarial.
Gracias a mi trabajo actual he tenido la oportunidad de viajar alrededor del mundo conociendo muchas culturas y muchos lugares.
Historia laboral
Implementación de Proyectos Internacionales Turnkey y Servicios de Ingeniería.
Asignación: Líder del Departamento Mecánico.
Desde Septiembre 2011 a la fecha.
Referencia: Wayne Aitken: Móvil: +64277250001
Actualmente estoy liderando y colaborando en la implementación de varios proyectos internacionales para Plantas de Kimberly Clark en Lagos, Nigeria.
Tengo experiencia en coordinación de actividades de instalación de líneas de producción, coordinación de contratistas mecánicos y equipos de trabajo de mantenimiento. También tengo vasta experiencia chequeo mecánico de maquinaria desde la etapa de fabricación hasta la implementación en ambientes multiculturales.

(El resto de mi historia laboral la incluyo en el idioma Inglés)
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA Oct to Nov 2013
ZAR1 & ZAR3 Dismantling 2 diaper production lines plus Central Systems and ancillary equipment and ship all to Lagos Nigeria for refurbishment and re-installation.
Mechanical Leader
Mechanical demolishing, Implementation of a web base Asset QR Code cataloging system (BarCloud). Engineering Changes coordination and Process Improvement modifications.

Stupino, RUSSIA May to Jun 2013
SR04 Process Upgrade Project for a Diaper production line.
Project Leader
Mechanical Installation, Contractor and Local resources coordination. Cero accidents & Successful Startup.

Stupino, RUSSIA Jan to Feb 2013
SR21 Child Pants Production Line.
Mechanical Support
Support mechanical checkout and maintenance activities.
Create Installation and Checkout Documentation System and web base Task Monitoring System.

Santa Clara, PERU Oct to Dec 2012
PI10 Productivity Project for a Child Pants Production Line.
Mechanical Leader
60% Production Increase & Waste reduced to 2%

Stupino, RUSSIA Sep to Oct 2012
SR04 Standardization Project on a diaper production line.
Mechanical Leader
Mechanical Installation, Contractor and Local resources coordination. Cero accidents & Successful Startup.

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Jun to Aug 2012
CT02 Diaper Production Line
Mechanical Support
Engineering Checkout. Currently this machine is the Top #1 in KC diaper world.

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Apr to May 2012:
404 Productivity Project for CT01 Diaper Production Line.
Mechanical Leader
50% Production Increase & Waste reduced to 4%

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Mar to Apr 2012
CT11 Productivity Project for a disposable feminine napkin
Mechanical Leader
30% Production Increase & Waste reduced to 4%

Santiago, CHILE Nov 2011
CL01 Diaper Production Line
Mechanical Support and Training
Mechanical and Maintenance Support and training on the GPM standards.

Suzano, BRASIL Sep 2011 to Mar 2012:
FB16 & FB17 Diaper Production Lines
Mechanical Leader
Installation of the assets, Vendor & Engineering Checkout

Grammer Automotive Puebla, S.A. de C.V.
Projects (GM, Ford, Cadillac)
Assignment: NAR Projects Leader.
October 2007 to September 2011
Reference: Jesus Ruiz, +52 (241) 418-4600 Ext. 3645, 6:00-16:00hrs

North America Projects Management. Production and Assembly Lines Launching. Engineering Changes Management. Launching. Product Engineering Core Tools, AutoCAD, SAP. ISO/TS 16949. PFMEA (AMEF) PCP (Process Control Plan) FD (Flow Diagrams).
I led the Project launching of interior components of an assembly line for GM Captiva 2011.
Led the Project launching for GM T-300 and GM GAMMA for center consoles and accessories.
Also led the Engineering Changes for the GMX-353 Buick, GMT-166 Cadillac and U38X Ford programs.
I started implementing the PDS system for Product and Launches for my Projects and Engineering Changes.

General Motors de México, S.R.L. de C.V.
Assignment: Central Manufacturing Process Engineer.
February to April 2010
Reference: Jacinto González, Nextel 52*1345*115, 6:00-16:00hrs

I had the full time assignment to control, authorize and update the production process information for the E-Flex (X-30 VOLT Transmission for the gears and casting machining Plant).
I have experience in PFEMA, Process Control Plan, Flow Diagrams, Process Sheets, Gage Surveillance Programs, Error Proofing design and implementation, Tooling routings, Spare parts coding, Change Over Procedures, SMED, Bypass Processes, Risk Analysis, ANDON, PPAP, Work Station Readiness, PFEP, Scrap Control.

Assignment: Group Leader
October 2007 to January 2010
Reference: Jacinto González, Nextel 52*1345*115, 6:00-16:00hrs
- Gears Machining Plant. Under my supervision we successful formed the work parties of the A crew of operations for the area of Transfer Gears for the Flexible Plant 6 Speed and Hybrid Transmissions.
I developed, with excellent results, strategies for the planning and control of the production of the different models from transference gears during 2008.
I received labor training in field on Handling of Unionized Personnel, Relations and Union; operation of CNC´s and cells of manufacture (KAPP, Buderus, Liebherr, Wera, Forst, Nagel, CB). I reduced in more than 50% the cycle times of operation for the changes of model. I received training on SMED, WPO, 5s, Read Manufacturing, Just in Time, Elimination of the 7 wastes, Reduction of Costs, Techniques for Problem Solving.
Innovation and fulfillment to the objectives in the form to program and to coordinate the production.
Impeccable results in GM where the VALUE stream mapping (VSM) that I developed involves the different ones suppliers with diverse times of delivery and extensive universe of part numbers. My VSM design was taken as model for the other productive areas of the Plant.

Assignment: Central Manufacturing Process Engineer.
September 2007 to October of 2007.
Ensure procurement orders and installation of the RTO project - Case lines A and B

Kimberly Clark de México, S.A.B. de C.V.
Major Projects Engineering
Position: Projects Engineer (Project Leader)
February 2005 – September 2007
Reference: Erasmo Estrop, (241)4127200, 8:00-18:00hrs

I led Project BELT in two successfully Plants simultaneously involving modifications in electrical, pneumatic and mechanical systems of four lines of production altogether.
I successfully led the Project SOAR that consisted of rescuing a production line from the scrap and turning it into a company benchmark production line.
I received training on Fluff End in the corporate WRE in Neenah, Wisconsin. February 2007 I led the design and installation of the system for the air and dust handling for three production lines: TL3, TL4 and TL5. I led the design and installation of the system of ventilation HVAC for three production lines: TL3, TL4 and TL5. I led the design and installation of the compressed air system in ancillary services including machinery and piping network for line TL5.
I led the design and installation of the system of adhesives of lines TL3, TL4 and TL5, and I was sent to audit to the supplier on the operation of equipment abroad (Atlanta, Wisconsin, Pamplona)
I also acquired experience in coordination of projects, handling of budgets, audit a suppliers, mechanical and electrical handling of contractors, diagnoses, SAP, AS-400.

Universidad UPAEP, A.C.
C.E.S.A.T. (Centro de Servicios de Alta Tecnología)
Position: Project Engineer
November 2004 -- February 2005
Reference: Fidel Pacheco, (222)2299400, 8:00-18:00hrs

I, actively, supported the project concept design and installation of the Center.

Instituto García de Cisneros, A.C.
Projects and Planning Department
Position: Systems and Technology Chief.
February 2002 – October 2004
Reference: Miguel A. Berrocali, (222)2470123, 8:00-14:00hrs

I selected and coordinated the implementation of a computing training system. Under my consulting and supervision we created the first Virtual Classroom in Cholula.

I led the Computing Lab refurbishment. I led the implementation of a new School Management System totally automated.

I did team work to achieve the ISO-9001:2000 certification for the institute.

ORION Computación
Service, Networking, Computing Systems
Position: Owner
March 2000 -- November 2004

I successfully initiated my own business which helped me to pay my university studies and some personal and familiar expenses.
I also aquired knowledge for personal computer assembly and maintenance; LAN, wireless and wired network design and installation.

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