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Brazilian journalist with experience in TV production an good writing skills, Richard Amante moved in to China in 2007 to get prepared for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He was supposed to live there for only two years, but stayed for six. Soon after he arrived, he started to write his own blog, 'Amante na China', in Portuguese. The book about his adventures in the communist country was first published in Portuguese in 2011 with the same name, and in English in 2013. During his career, Worked for TV Globo, in Brazil, and for China Radio International, in Beijing. In 2012, he organized the 'Olympic Expedition', a trip that crossed 28 countries - from Beijing to London - in 56 days to bring the Olympic Spirit to the hosts of the 2012 Games.
Back to Brazil, Richard has already visited 59 countries and is fluent in Portuguese (his mother tongue), English and Spanish and is almost there with Mandarin as well.

Currently works for TV Globo's FootBrazil, a TV show broadcasted in English to over 110 countries.

-Proven ability to work across cultural settings with people of diverse nationalities and languages.

-Ability and willingness to create and develop new projects.

-Willing and able to relocate at any time.

-Worked for TV Globo/Brazil, in China, before and during the Beijing Olympic Games, and during the 2008 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.

-In 2007, during the Pan-american Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was responsible for SPORTV3 channel (TV Globo's sports channel) . At the same time, I was in charge of reporting in a special TV program called “Sportv Reporter”.

-In 2006 I was member of the Board of Examiners for one of the Journalism graduates from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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