Fernando Q. freelancer experto en Escritura Creativa, Animación, Edición

Fernando Q.

Contar y estilizar historias es mi gusto

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Perseverant in all ways. Never give up. Never too tired.
Since a very early age, my interest for audiovisual products have been growing, and for every single new thing I learn, I am thirsty for 100 more knowledges.
My goal is to become a great storyteller, using the audiovisual media to achieve it.
Historia laboral
* Freelance: In the different productions I have been involved, I was able to develop responsibilities in photography, production, sound design, sound mixing, editing and storyboarding, as in directing and scriptwriting

* Cenart: Productor Assistant, helping Canal 23 to bring arts to people who wants it on a streaming channel.

*Borde.org: Audiovisual Productor for their different plataforms, being all of them with a political view.

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