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I am a freelancer offering web and mobile development services. I’ve been CTO at ZenLabs for 1 year and also have more than 5 years managing various languages focusing on Ruby on Rails, HMTL 5, Javascript Frameworks and PhoneGap. We always work with TDD (Test Drive Development), responsive design and agile management.

Web development, innovation, researching, social media.

So tecnically skills are: .Net, C#, Ruby.HTML, XML, RSS, CSS, MySQL, SQLite. jquery, CakePHP, Wordpress, OO PHP, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon S3, MongoDB, cassandra, NoSQL, Objetive C.
Work history
CTO at Zenlabs
Proyect Leader, Senior Ruby On Rails Developer at Sysdecom and Validoc

Developer at GoodPeople Boardriding Co.
Developer at Teracode at TeraCode
CTO at wiebia
Developer of systems at Instituto Exclusivo
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