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I´m specialist in Smart Cards, GSM/UMTS/LTE, NFC, SIM/USIM, Mifare technology, javacard development, satml/wml, different readers from different suppliers with PC/SC and native libraries.
I have also implemented a framework for Evolis and Magicard Smart Cards printers.
I have also much experience in Mobile Financial Services: Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, TSM (Trusted Service Manager).
I have worked in Gemalto (Ex Gemplus) company for almost 15 years,  with Smart Cards and related solutions such as "S@T", OTA platforms, mobiles, Mobile Banking, etc.
I'm System Engineer from the university "Universidad Tecnológica Nacional", and I also have a postgraduate in "Business Administration (MBA)".
Some Goals:
Having helped many Operators in launching GSM during all my years in Gemplus.
The TC (Technical Consultant) tool that helps many people, inside Gemalto and customers, with their daily work.
I had developed a lexicographic analyzer to resolve any type of formulas, and it is like a compiler. This tool was developed for Data Warehousing.
Historia laboral
Bennu S.A. Company of Technology
Development Manager for SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)    
January 2015 until Today
Responsible for innovation and implementation of products and services related to SIM/USIM/ISIM in all form-factors. Responsible for design and implementation of electrical profiles and embedded applications in Telecom Operators, such as “S@T browser”. Responsible of modules, operating systems and applications for a right endorsement in Telecom Operators.
Specialist in different algorithms implementation: DES, 3DES, Milenage, Comp128 v1 v2 v3, AES, SHA, Global Platform, etc.
Tools development in java, php, and .net for encryption, MAC signature, sim toolkit, stress testing for javacards, etc. Some goals developing tools:
- Milenage/A3A8 authentication algorithm simulation with DLLs.
- Getting all the SIM Toolkit according to standards from any SIM/USIM card automatically.
- Loading java applets with Global Platform and OTA with standards such as 23.048.
Smartledge Information System Consulting Company
Freelance Developer    
February 2012 until Today
Development of a personalization application taking into account smartcards.
Having developed a framework for working with Evolis/Magicard printers, taking into account GCBA project “BA en todo estas vos” and “Boca Juniors”.
Personalization of Mifare Classic 1k, Magstripe and printing plastic ABS and PET.
Implementation of the following smartcards readers: Gemalto ProxSu, HID Omnikey and Elyctis Arygon, everything through PC/SC standard.
Developments with VB.NET for WebCams and Secugen FingerPrints with ActiveX (Visual Basic 6.0)
Gemplus/Gemalto Argentina S.A.    
February 2000 until January 2015
Pre-Sales Engineer /Business Analyst (Solution Expert)    October 2010 until January 2015
Pre-Sales Engineer in Gemalto Global Services for all Latam, specialized in Mobile Financial Services.
Responsible for the design and support of Software and Services solution offers, contribute to maximize solutions re-use and minimize development/integration cost/time-to-market for all mobile financial services opportunities, NFC (Near Field Communication) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) mainly.
Specialist in Mobile Financial Services, banking solutions with mWallet and EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa standard), NFC (Near Field Communication), and LTE (Long Term Evolution).
Responsible and Technical Project Leader: June 2008 until October 2010
Responsible for smartcard applications development center taking into account clients in all Latam. We work with SVN, JUnit, ECLIPSE, awk, etc.
I had in charge 5 engineers.
Development of Mobile Banking applications taking into account smartcards (SIM).
Technical Manager: November 2003 until June 2008
Technical Manager in technology with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and SIM Cards for 6 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.
I had in charge 6 engineers.
Day to day interaction with people from Latam, Europa and USA.
Senior Technical Consultant: February 2000 until November 2003
Specialist in smartcards technology. Support pre and post sales in all Company products such as: smartcards, readers, software and drivers. Development of software in C and Visual Basic programming languages for smartcards. Development of SIM Toolkit application in Java programming language.
PricewaterhouseCoopers & Co.
Senior Consultant    
January 1998 until December 1999
Specialist in the following platforms: WINDOWS NT, NOVELL and UNIX, and also DATA WAREHOUSING.
Having worked abroad in different countries such as Brazil and Colombia. Having developed software to monitor operational risks with Visual Basic 6.0 programming language with connection to relational databases such as ORACLE, SYBASE, SQL SERVER, etc. Presented software in USA. Developed software in Excel to help auditors work.
Information System Consulting Company
Project Leader    

October 1996 until December 1997
Worked as a Project Leader and programmer analyst of a DATA WAREHOUSING and DATA MANAGEMENT worldwide product. The product was developed in VISUAL BASIC 5.0 and 4.0 in 32 bits with connections to any type of databases such as ORACLE, SYBASE, INFORMIX, SQL SERVER, AS400, etc., connecting with ODBC APIs.
Handled DEMOS in English and 2 engineers in charge.
Worked with different Data Warehousing tools.  Built a lexicographic analyzer to resolve any type of formulas and also the Y2K problem. Administrated different databases such as SQL SERVER and SYBASE, and different networks such as: WINDOWS 95 and WINDOWS NT servers, with NETBEUI and TCP/IP protocols connecting to AS400, Windows NT, and UNIX servers.
Information System Consulting Company
(Belonged to the “PEREZ COMPANC” group)
Analista Programador    

1996 (February to October)
Patagonia S.A. – insurance company
Worked in analysis and programming in SQL*WINDOWS with WINDOWS NT, Windows for Workgroup and the SYBASE database with a RISC 6000 (AIX) platform.
Worked in analysis and programming in VISUAL C++ using low-level functions (APIs) for massive printing. Built DLLs (dynamic link libraries).
Buenos Aires System
Information System Consulting Company

December 1994 until January 1996
Camara Argentina de Comercio Exterior – government división
Worked in analysis and programming in VISUAL BASIC under WINDOWS NT and Windows for Workgroup with the SQL SERVER database.
Human Resources Project
Worked in analysis and programming in VISUAL BASIC under Windows for Workgroup with the MSACCESS database.
Other Tasks: Administrated WINDOWS NT and Windows for Workgroup Networks.
T.P.S. S.A.
Information System Consulting Company

1994  (July to December)
Siderar SAIC – Steel Company - Budget Planning Project
Worked programming in VISUAL BASIC under WINDOWS NT and Windows for Workgroup with the SQL SERVER database.
Worked programming in VISUAL C++ to create DLLs (dynamic link libraries) with the SQL SERVER database under WINDOWS NT and Windows for Workgroup.
Auas Argentinas S.A. – Water Service Company – DENARIUS project
Worked programming C-FIX with IDEAFIX database with AIX.
Banco Galicia – Bank
Worked programming in RM-COBOL 85 under UNIX.
I.T.G. Consultores S.A.
Information System Consulting Company

1994 (January to July)
Banco Buen Aire – Bank
Worked programming in SQL*WINDOWS under the ORACLE database with connection to the NOVELL network.
Worked programming in the C language under UNIX and the ORACLE database (PRO-C).
Sudamerica Seguros – Insurance Company
Worked programming in the C language under UNIX and the ORACLE database (PRO-C).

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