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Early Years Teacher
English Teacher
Ballet and Contemporary Dancer and Teacher
Director of the Eternal Dance Giselle School(Project)
Historia laboral
Mayupampa School  La Oroya-Junín 2014
English Teaching-Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teaching
•    Taught English language for Secondary and Primary levels.
•    Taught Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teaching for Primary level.
•    Use of a variety of strategies in which each child participated and improved their linguistic abilities.
•    Creation of innovative choreographies in dance that enriched the potential of every child physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Trilce  La Molina-Santa Anita-Salamanca 2013
English Teaching
•    Taught English language for Secondary and Primary levels.
Euroidiomas  Surco 2013
English Teaching
•    Taught English language for Adults (beginners) and Kids English Program.
•    Incorporation of new mini projects in which each child participate and create several topic items using recyclable materials with a specific music theme.

Nido Pequeñeces  Surco 2012
Early Years Teaching
•    Early Stimulation to the 1 year-old children, planning activities that stimulate growth in language, social and motor skills.
•    Incorporation of new Yoga techniques specifically for this age in which each child create a pose and vary it in any moment with a specific music theme.
Pequeño Universo and kreatividad La Molina 2011
English and Ballet Teaching
•    Taught pre-ballet  and contemporary dance to 2-5 year old children
•    Innovation and implementation of new creative dance techniques that help students to further their artistic capabilities.
Bonavista Cruise Training Center San Borja April 2011
English Teaching-Adults
•    Taught, assisted and observed students in the English language.
Pequeño Universo La Molina 2010
English Teaching
•    Taught English language for the 2-5 year-old children classes. 
•    Planned and prepared daily lesson plans and materials.
•    Grade tests & homework
Sagrado Corazón de la Molina 2009
English Teaching Primary & Secondary and Tutor of 5th Primary
•    English teaching to 4th, 5th, 6th and 1st Secondary levels.
•    Tutored students of 5th Primary, preparing them in social skills and arts.
•    Planned and prepared daily lesson plans and materials.
•    Preparing the children in new dance techniques that help them in their creativity and increase their self-esteem.
Corazón de María  San Miguel  2008
Nursery Teaching 
•    Tutored 3 year-old children, planning class activities in language, social, motor and art areas.
•    Taught students aged 3 in all content areas and the various parts of the English language

Lima International School of Tomorrow, La Molina, 2007
Nursery Teacher
•    Tutored three children aged 3 & 6 in Spanish, Language Arts, Math, Science and Word Building-Reading Readiness System
•    PACES(Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) Grade tests & homework

Mark Twain School, San Borja 2006
Temporary Teaching Placement
•    Tutored students aged 4 in all content areas and the various parts of the English language
•    Developed Preschool programs, projects, lesson plans.
San Vicente de Paul School, La Molina 2005
English Teaching
•    Trained preschool students aged 3-5 in the ACE Program from School of Tomorrow.
•    Developed the A.C.E Program using the manuals and daily lesson plans.
•    Worked one on one with the students.
Paul Rivet School, La Molina 2004
Nursery Teaching – Arts Teaching Secondary level
•    Led preschool and pre-teen students in Math, Language, Social Science and Art activities.
•    Prepared and implemented lesson plans, tests and exams.
•    Written report cards and conducted parents’ interviews
•    Worked development of practical skills in diverse techniques of arts.
•    Implementation of artistic techniques for improving the learning and development of children. To make the children sensitive towards music and composition of choreographies.

•    B.S. in Nursery Education, UNIFE University, Lima, Peru; Dec 2006; Minors: English

•    Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL: Level B1, January 2014
•    PCAD: “Introduction to the teaching of Reading and writing at a beginner’s level ”, November, 2008
•    School of Tomorrow: Reading Systems Training Certificate, April, 2005
•    Paul Rivet School: Science Fair Participation Certificate, September, 2004
•    Instituto Cultural Peruano Britanico: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level Certification, Conversation 1999-2004
•    Diego Thomson Private Pedagogical Institute: -Educative and Innovative Material for Significative Learning Certificate, September, 2003
-Theater School Certificate, November, 1999; September, 2003
- School Parent Certificate, November, 2000
•    Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano: Advanced Level Certification and Methodology for EFL teachers, 2012
•    TESOL Certificate of Completion: An Introduction to Teaching English to Young Learners, March 21, May 11-2012

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