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"Pues explica muy bien el código de implementación, recursos a utilizar y tecnologias a ocupar."

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"Me gusta mucho la forma en como da las clases, con mucha paciencia y sobretodo con mucho conocimineto, es muy buen profesor."

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Sobre mí
• Analysis, design and implementation of components, architectures and systems in the area of ​​high impact web application development.
• Aware of choosing the resources and tools necessary to create an applicable, scalable and sufficient software solution.
• Familiar with different environments for the development of software based on Python, Node, Ruby, PHP, up to cloud services such as Firebase, Amazon Web Server, Heroku, Elastic Cloud and more
• It is sensitive and aware to avoid vulnerabilities when creating REST, GraphQL or website interfaces.
• Familiar with a large number of ORM, in different environments.
• Zero fanaticism to a specific technology or "Stack", always open to new strategies to solve a problem in the best way.
• I do not limit myself to the orthodox combination or "Stack" as "MEAN, LAMP"
• Familiar with the REST APIs of many services and with a lot of experience when reading your documentation and implementing it
• Work as Project Manager analyzing and designing solutions, delegating tasks to several programmers and graphic designers, using methodologies and software development practices such as CI, CD, TDD, BDD, Kanban.
• Familiar with monitoring software performance tests
• Always ready to analyze and use data structures, design patterns and software development practices.
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* TWOIOT: Working in Realtime interfaces with React and Firebase, Travis CI and Heroku

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