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Passionate about knowledge and technology put to work together to unlock value and spark development, I will provide support on the tactical level to help your organization achieve its strategic goals. I want to help alleviate present pains and satisfy unmet needs.
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Content management (2005 – present)

In between large projects, arising from my experience assisting several professors and researchers in Uniandes (Bogotá, Colombia), I continuously support authors and editorial teams in a freelance capacity: copy editing, proofreading, LaTeX typesetting and translating.

I have collaborated in several publication processes (see a full list at http://goo.gl/CCtBeL).  Authors, and reviewers, can devote more time to content development while I take care of the form, readability and language. Together we get better content published.

C-level and specialists support, SENSETA (June 2014 – April 2016, except Q4 2015)

In the process of entering the big leagues, Senseta faced the challenge of delivering on ongoing projects while developing the solutions to secure new large-scale contracts on the table, and to do it on a tight budget.

The team was dispersed to telecommute while on Agile Scrum and the new structure required strong corporate culture and implementation of additional technological solutions for communication, transparency, productivity, accountability, continued education and well-being.

The specialists’ time being our most valuable asset, as a generalist, I carried out diverse content and knowledge management tasks allowing C-level officers, software developers and GIS specialists to focus on their own field. It proved to be very resource efficient.
Always scouting ahead, Senseta pointed me towards ontology development – implementation remains a possibility.

Documentation, Corrosion Engineering Inc. (July 2013 – March 2014)

Using the resources available with some creativity, once I familiarized myself with the requirements and labour-intensive tasks at hand, I was able to present my supervisor with more efficient ways of getting the job done. The complete set of printed documentation – comprising folded-for-binding copies of large format engineering drawings, my translation of procedural documents, and detailed production, shipment and delivery records of coded items – was completed early, with top quality. Sales management Colombia, saved money and time, and gained better practices.

Mathematical programming, MathFin Consulting EU (March 2008 – March 2010)

My work coding and documenting supported a series of revisions of the technical regulations and model for the interconnected electrical system for Central America. As specialized consultants for a world-leading company in the development of comprehensive technological solutions, MathFin confirmed capability to deliver and earned top reputation.

Research group project support, Uniandes (April 2001 – Oct. 2005)

Making worldly things happen for a transnational group of senior researchers promoting a long-term international project for scientific exchange and the formation of young researchers was one of the most hectic and satisfying experiences I have had. After a first successful international summer school, I joined the organizers to help them coordinate three more (see the 2005 event website at http://matematicas.uniandes.edu.co/summer2005/).

At headquarters in Uniandes, my support comprised knowledge and information management. We put together budget distribution spreadsheets, filled with filters and double-checks, that allowed easy simulation of different scenarios and later report generation; copy-pasting content for scores of information and call-to-action emails gave way to designed templates with database fields. Introducing better practices was key to the joint effort of the project as a whole.
In the field, I was responsible for logistics and coordination: from preliminary surveys and reports on accommodation facilities and transportation options for later negotiation of conditions, to library management. I got valuable experience in scheduling, procurement, hospitality, and reporting to sow the seeds for future support.

Today, the project is ongoing. Several other events have brought together specialists and students, and results include not only publications and postgraduate degrees, but development from collaboration among scientific communities.

See a conventional job-description CV at http://goo.gl/GIOFrh.

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