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Costa Rica
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Accounting systems:
SIAC, AS400, Exactus, Hovisys, Quickbooks
Other programs:
Windows-Excel, Word, Power Point
Description of functions:
During five  years approximately, I have taken several Accountings in my home. Developing accounting systems, the recording, classifying and summarizing of different commercial  transactions  as: Accounts receivable, accounts payable, confection of  payrolls and the recording  of the expenses and incomes and its Financial Statements.

During my labor experience, I perfomanced the following recordings:
-Control of fixed assets ( Land, Buildings, Sotre equipment )
-Supervision of Inventories of materials and supplies
-Comparative Statements  of Insurance policy
-Control of Accounts receivable and payable
-Cash petty proof
-Making of Financial Statements
-Execute Cash flow and budyeting
-Supporting table  of expenses and incomes
-To make tables of Porcentage of Sales
-Reconciliation Banks
-Investments and credit bills
-Age of Accounts payable and receivable
-Review of invoices of customers
-Review and verification of checks and deposits
-Verification selective of  inventory (act of checking stock)
-Supporting table of  administrative and operating expenses
-Verification of receipts of money
-Confection of payrolls (Personnel, CCSS and INS )
-Audit of the different accounts of the balance sheet and trial
-Review of declarations of sales tax and Tax computation
-Review of Notes  payable and Mortgages
-Procedures and Evaluation of internal control
-And other labors accounting more detailed
Historia laboral
* Conta Audit Office: Contador con 25 años de experiencia en Contabilidad financiera, de Costos y Auditoría interna y externa

* Conta Audit Office: Desempeño Contabilidades a destajo desde mi oficina ubicada en Rincón de Arias de Grecia. Alajuela. Cerca de hace 8 años.

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