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My major is  Translation and Interpretation by University FMU in 2013. The University is from São Paulo, Brazil. My knowledge and skills are in  English grammar, literature and specific topics about translation from English texts, which includes academic articles. Besides, My current experience is in Administration and Costume Service. Also, I already worked as team  leader, training and  management of menus in restaurants that I worked. Besides, I've been teaching English since May 2016. I'm responsible for role play creations and activities in partner with experienced teachers. We are building all the contents for teaching classes at TKE.  Finally, my interests are about sports, mainly American Football.
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* Private (VIP, small groups, in-company): General English for zero beginner, A1, A2, B1, B2.  Bussiness from Pre-intermediate level. The student may choose their best option: private or small groups, either at company or in a public place such as cafe. There's a material which is used during the classes and it presents audios and videos. Then, the classes are focused on structure, however we don't forget to work in listening, speaking, writing and reading.

* Cheeseheads Brasil: The blog is on line and available for all Brazilian Packers fans. There're a huge team working hard on writing, social media, podcasts, etc. The members of the team are all Packers fans. It's a dream that came true and we're all pretty happy for the achievement that we get since the beginning.

* I write about NFL, mainly Green Bay Packers. Liz, the editor of website, invited me to write about Packers and since June, 19th, I'm writing for her every week. Here you'll find the link and two examples of articles that I wrote to Liz.

* TKE Idiomas Aulas in company & Treinamentos em inglês (Professional Training): Freelancer teacher who's responsible for teaching and planning the classes for all levels. Also, I'm responsible for follow their improvements. We're always focused on students needs and challenges.

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