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I'm a passionate problem solving, mathematics lover, curious on new productivity IT resources, and supporter of innovative thinking.

I am strongly convinced that the future of economics and finance (besides lean on traditional methods) will need new tools to measure the health of bussiness, I belive programming and IT will be a big part of it.

That's the reason why I recently changed my area of study from accounting to systems engineering: The new business and new leaders will need new ways to understand and measure reality and I see my self on the next years (thanks to my background and my recent career change) as a "translator" for those purposes.

Mathematics, programming, accounting and finance are important tools to achieve success but not all, it's important to put people first, to encourage superation, to allow mistakes and never conditionate an answer, to listen and work inclusively.  I hope, as until now, always have the possibility to work on environments who allow that.

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