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Sobre mí
My under-graduation as a Graphic Designer really opened a whole new plethora of possibilities to me. Previously being very attracted to technology and computers gave me a good technical background which helped me a lot in the learning and practice of graphic design.

When I felt ready (around the second year of my under-graduation course) I begun to apply everything I was learning in designing virtual interfaces. First it was all experimental, but then I started making some freelance jobs and working at the creative area at college (Senac São Paulo).

From then on I started to specialize in designing virtual interfaces, seeking a better communication between the beautiful world of design into the vast field of the digital technologies.
Historia laboral
* Interativos: As owner and main developer of Inter-Ativos, my position is to bring new media possibilities to our projects and to develop them across the several media types we know. My work is to erase the boudaries between the different media, aproaching computing to archituecture, telephony to sociology, internet to neural science.

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