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Desenvolvedor com varios anos de experiência em implementação e deploy de aplicações web de pequeno e grande porte.
Work history
* Milog (Internet): Working on Ruby on Rails and Java for Festival do Minuto ( running on Amazon AWS. I have experience running Rails applications on Nginx and Apache Servers for our frontend and Foreman to run our backend processes.
Some details on my experience on Rails and AWS:
- Strong abilities implementing tests using Rspec
- Improved and implemented Machine Learning algorithms for both types of recommendation (item-based and user-based) using Ruby and semi-supervised algorithms using Apache Mahout and Giraph on Elastic MapReduce with data stored in a DynamoDB table.
- Improved scalability using ElastiCache for delivering content and Apache Sqoop with Hive to process big data.
- Experience deploying Flume servers to collect logs
- Experience deploying Apache Solr on EC2
- Strong abilities in Capistrano
- Other AWS services I have experience on: RDS, EBS, S3, Cloudfront

* UOL (Internet) [desde 9/2011]: Worked as a Java developer for e-commerce platforms (, running on Tomcat/JBoss clusters. Also started migration for our search backends on those platforms from FAST to Lucene search engine.

* BayesForecast (Internet) [desde 7/2008]: I developed a Java framework for web applications specialized to show and manipulate time series stored in a database.
The framework was heavily based on Eclipse RAP.

* EMBRAER (Aviation & Aerospace) [desde 10/2007]: As part of my MSc. project I worked in this company developing a Java-based prototype to automate engineering processes.
A scientific result was published under "Design Issues for Knowledge Artifacts" at Knowledge-based systems Journal.

* Satox Corp (Internet) [desde 11/2004]: I was responsible for architectural design and project managament for a small development team (10 developers) for an startup software company located in California, USA and Peru specialized in online graduate registration systems for american universities.
Development was mainly based on Microsoft technologies and one of our first cilents was Loyola Marymount Universit (LMU).
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