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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
I've experience in the fields of software testing and algorithm design. Knowledgeable about programming languages and computational mathematics, I'm used to program robust and high-performing codes.

Also practiced into real-world business intelligence, marketing tactics and IT service consulting.

Summarizing, my personal profile is one of a striver for reaching a gamut of skills and capacity for effectively implementing or executing business strategies optimally with the aid of information technology.
Historia laboral
I've close-knit experience with the implementation and improvement of several combinatorial algorithms "to the metal" such as max-flow, shortest paths, matchings, minimum spanning trees and APSP. I've implemented also a probabilistic algorithm for spam filtering. I have experience with the R statistical package.

I develop complete solutions in software, from the algorithm design phase to the supervision of software engineering steps and project deadline accomplishment. Platforms I've worked with: Android, Windows and Linux.

I've worked extensively with Java programming and I am able to develop very high performance Java applications. I've strong and proven algorithmic skills in areas such as graphs and computational geometry.
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