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Zully E.

Senior .Net and MCP in SQL as Developer

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Senior .Net and Microsft SQL devolper with 10 years experienced,

* Working with desktop and web app with ASP.Net and HTML,
* Use of frameowrks as 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 versions.
* Developments of User Controls.
* Use of JavaScripts and VB scripts, JQuery, AJAX, MVC, CCS.
* IIS Configuration.
* Exhaustive use of SQL services as Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services.

Microsoft Certified Professional in SQL 2007 as Developer. Motivated to achieve. Interested on new technologies. Responsability and Honest.
Historia laboral
Senior .Net & Dexterity Programmer.  Virtual Office Group. May 2014 Experience  -  Apr 2015.  o  Developments in  Dextery for Microsfot Dynamics GP 2013, and Taxes Modul for GP in VB.NET and SQL 2008.  o  Reports with Reporting Services for SQL 2005, 2008 and 2012. o Customizations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 with Java Script, and Plugins in C Sharp .Net. Tunnig  queries in SQL 2008.  o  Tunnig  queries in SQL 2008.  o Integrationg Services 2008.

Software Developer. eDuce  Limited . Feb 2013  Jan 2014. Dublin, Ireland  o Development, testing and installation of Medical System. VB.Net. SQL 2005. This involved:  Creations of .Net class for manag ement of data, working in 3 layers: Logical Layer, Data Layer &  Presentations Layer. Creations of Tables, Indexs, Triggers, Store procedures and  user functions in SQL Development of app, including Medical Records, Manag from the app to the patient's phone. ement of dates, Sends of SMS Creation of Reports and Templates with Microsoft Word from the .Net app.

Senior .Net & Dexterity Programmer .  Virtual Office Group. Jun  2010    Ago  2012.  o  Migration to .Net of Taxes Module developed for Dynamics GP, with framework 3.5, super-use  of features of SQL 2005  as  triggers,  store procedures,  user functions ,  and interacting  with Dexterity , language own of  Dynamics.  o  Develop ment  of Barcode Reader in .Net,  sending data to  GP  Dynamics by  eConnect  service .  o Training to staff of developers about:  o  Creation of Program ming  Standards to  Developer Department  applies to  .Net, SQL and  Dexterity. o  Training to staff of developers about :  Integration Services SQL 2005 Reporting Services Developments in 3 layers in .Net (MVC) Optimiza tion of querys in SQL and index  use. o Training customers about Dexterity language.

Master Systems Analys t.  MOORE of Venezuela, an RRDonelly company.  2006  2010.  o  Maintenance of systems developed in  VB  6.0 and  Crystal Report 8.0,  BD  SQL 2000.  o  Design, develop ment, implementation and  maintenance  of console  programs and desk applications , in Visual  Studio 2005 with Visual Basic .Net  o  Design, develop ment , implementation and  maintenance  Web Sites .Net  interact ing  with  SQL 2000    o  Design, develop ment , implementation and  maintenance  WebMob il  interacting with  SQL 2000  o  Applications reports (Lo cal Report) and Sever reports  o  Development  of  BI  Applications  with  Analysis Services 2005, Integration Services 2005, Services 2005.  Systems Analyst. COMSISA. 2005  2006.  Systems Analyst .  COMSISA. 2005  2006.  Reporting o  Design, programming, i nstallation and  debug ging  of  ORBIS  Administrative System, with  FoxPro DOS ,  the following sub-systems:  Inventory  Accounts  Book-keeping  Bank  Sales 

Systems  Analyst.  . 2003    2004.  Society of Jehovah's Witnesses of Venezuela. o  Intranet: Development with Visual Interdev of dynamics pages, ASP code, with visual script and java script, for individual calculations of vacations, quota of guests, control of vehicle requirements, and come backs.  Developed with BD SQL 7, by ODBC and us e of IIS.    o  Purchase System .adp: developed as front  end  Access 2000, connecting to BD SQL Server 7. In both cases, development of views, store procedure and user functions in SQL Server 7
Systems Analyst.  Independent developer . 1998    2004.  o  Design, Programming,  Installation and Debug of multi users system, with Visual Basic vs.6.0 SQL 200 and Crystall Report 7.0. Some are:  Several Admission : Control of admission, treatment and ,  Access, departure of patients. Pharmacy System : Control of purchases, requirements, deliveries and returns of medicines inside of hospital area. Production Food Support System : Rece ives  data of p oultry food production generated  for autonomous system s, and  save these for generated  statistics of product ion.  autonomous systems, and save these for generated statistics of production.  Desk Help System : Control of Requirements of service,  Orders of service, Statistics of customer satisfaction, Internet connection.  System RD Tutorial:  Tutorial interactive with  videos  images and sounds that Receives and Delivers the hidrocarburos System used for PDVSA .  Warehouse System:  Handling of  inventory, requirements,  purchase o receptions and forecast. Projects Control System: Administrative System: requirements  of  providers, bank, Inventory, statistics of purchases and sales Match Calls System :    Permits compare  the financial reports, and controlling payments processes Financial Evaluation System Financial Evaluation System Courses  Courses  Skills  Controls advances of projects according to MEDSI methodology.  Handling of invoices,  requirements of customers, purchases, . gital invoice with the  calls  registered by Telephone booth systems.  AFTN aeronautic System : Developed for Def ense Ministry by sub -contract,  receives signals by modem, and saves these structurally in a BD (SIBASE), for controlling aero traffic . Credits  Requirements System :  Controls the management of bank credits, evaluating . : Financial analysis of projects, payments control, calculated :  Financial analy sis  of projects, payments control, calculated quotas, according with yearly interest.  Medica l Agenda :  Save registers of patients of a medical surgery by medical history, permitting to do searches by name. Auditor  System :  Detects errors of hardware and  permitting user registers ,  generating error statistics and saving solutions for the future.  Pawnshop System:  Control  of contracts  for  pawnshops ,  renewals,  cancelations  and  ends , accounts by customers, inventory control, handling of guarantees and process statistics.  STX  System :  Developed by sub -contract  for APLIDMECA, reads  data  from a  BD connected by ODBC, and sends these, character by character, by MODEM, waiting for an answer to change the original BD. Program Analyst . 

COMSISA    Computation and Integrated System .  1996    1997.  o  Design ,  Programming , Instal lation and  Debug  of      ORBIS System Administrative, in  FoxPro DOS , the following Sub-systems: Payroll  Purchase

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