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client-driven, results oriented marketing, promotions and event planning professional with over eleven years of experience in organizing multi-million dollar advertising events or non-traditional advertising activities with well-known international brands such as GE, Samsung, Nokia, Chrysler, Pepsi , Colgate, Levi’s and Visa. Exceptionally organized from pre-production, production and post-production stages of events or campaigns, I have seamlessly delivered projects of all sizes within budget and on time while focusing on attention to detail.  Extensive knowledge and experience in event activities and team management with a competency to transfer my knowledge, skills, creativity to ensure that the team work seamlessly to achieve goals and deliver a high standard of service for clients.
Key Skills:
    Excellent communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills with focus on customer satisfaction
    Strong analytical skills with a demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving and streamlining complex work processes
    Budget planning and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
    Demonstrated leadership skills with a keen ability to steer the project on track by coaching and motivating my team
    Ability to define objectives, set targets and lead the team to meet goals with high performance standards
    Handle details such as event agenda, on site management, licenses, post event reporting and promotional material
    Ability to use initiative, make decisions and solve problems using excellent critical thinking skills
    Excellent negotiator with the ability to establish and manage complex contracts
    Proficient with computers and software such as Microsoft Power Point, Excel and Word
    Venue negotiations, food planning and the development of the event plan to determine areas of responsibility

Professional expertise in:
    The development, production and delivery of projects such as the promotional events for new products, new advertising campaigns or events, from proposal to after delivery
    Internal and external communication expertise with the events team, agencies and customers
    Ability to create onsite and online event buzz to promote brands
    Managing brand awareness, achieving financial objectives, ensuring the revenue and profitability of the project or event are attained.
    Assisting in the creation and implementation of marketing plans
    Managing the accounts and creative departments
    Managing budgets, liaising with the finance team to facilitate payments to suppliers and invoice customers
    Analyzing data to support strategic decisions and provide advice to production, creative and account departments
    Managing supplier relationships and advertising agencies ( Accounts, Administration, Production and Media)
    Negotiation with suppliers and clients for defining the concept, budget, time line and project execution phases
Historia laboral
Work Experience:
EVENTS R US, L.L.C.  (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)                                                                                                          2014 to 2017
Senior Event Manager
I was responsible for the overall management of strategic and operational activities. My responsibilities included seeking ways to create new business opportunities and promoting company activities to potential clients. I also reviewed and approved all financial, creative and visual proposals to the clients. I managed the contracts for companies such as the Environmental Agency, NIMR Automotive, IE Singapore and Total Abu Al Bukhoosh ranging from $70,000 to $600,000.

BTL NETWORK/ EXPERIENCE BELOW THE LINE LATINOAMERICANA (Caracas, Venezuela)                                              2012 to 2013                           
Events Accounts Director
I was responsible for BTL Network and Experience Below The Line Latinoamerica account executive department and the creative department. Responsible for managing the activities between clients and advertising agencies, by providing direction and advice on communication requirements and tools tailored for each client. I developed marketing and publicity strategies to execute projects. I was also responsible for reviewing and approving financial, creative and visual proposals for all projects proposed by BTL Network to clients. In my time with the company, I was continuously able to ensure that all projects were delivered on schedule with a high rate in customer satisfaction. I was responsible for managing contracts with companies such as Santa Teresa, Bigott, Seguros Venezuela and Axalta Coating Systems Energizer Group, Chrysler, LLC,  Kraft Food, Monaca, Banco Exterior, Alimentos Kellogg’s. The contracts ranged from $40,000 to $337,000.

BTL NETWORK/ EXPERIENCE BELOW THE LINE LATINOAMERICANA (Caracas, Venezuela)                                              2011 to 2012                           
Event Production Supervisor                                                                                                                    I was responsible for the British’s America Tobacco events and requirements for two of their brand names: Belmont and Lucky Strike cigarettes. I was in charge of preparing budgets, validating the feasibility of activities and proposed alternative solutions for project execution when required. I supervised, executed and controlled all activities related to events or Sales Point Promotions (SPP) to ensure successful development and compliance with the brand objectives. I also managed major accounts such as: GE, Samsung, Levi’s, Nokia, Colgate, Pepsi, Visa International, Bigott, Dupont and Chrysler. As Producer in 2012, I participated in the Launch of Truvia Sugar (Estevia) to introduce the brand to the Venezuelan market. I also helped launch Belmont in 2011, after many years of absence from Venezuela, reaching approximately 6,000 people valued at over $500,000.

ZEA BBDO, C.A – PROXIMITY BBDO. (Caracas, Venezuela)                                                                                2010-2011
BTL Account Executive
The company is specialized in BTL (Below the Line Advertising) which provides support for the development and implementation of creative proposals for agency clients. My main responsibilities were to prepare proposals including budgets and presentations for clients. The BTL proposals included the project logistics, the strategic locations for hitting the brand’s target, time schedules and responsibilities assigned to the different teams. I coordinated and followed up the projects with suppliers and graphic designers involved in the development of the event activities until execution. At the closure of the projects, I prepared a final report to highlight the outcome, conclusions, photos and recommendations for the clients.
ANTS PRODUCCIONES, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela                                                                    2009 - 2010
Production Coordinator
As a production coordinator, I prepared and presented BTL proposals activities to the clients. I planned coordinated and executed projects such as promotions, special events, sampling and many others. I managed all aspects of the project’s operation, hired freelance personnel, selected promoters and supplier staff. I supervised the set up installation and logistics of all events.
BRANDSTORE, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela                                                        2007-2008
Accounts Executive
As an account executive, I liaised with the clients to understand their marketing objectives and generated plans to help the development of the brand or product strategies. I was responsible for coordinating and delivering the multiple processes of producing and implementing a campaign or an event.

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