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Vitor V.

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Software development is my passion. I don't know how to live without it. I'm working as Developer
has been six years and big part of this time was learning and creating new stuffs. Creation and
Discover are keywords to define my human being. Since I started to program, I always love to work
with PHP and JavaScript, that's make me go deep down into PHP world, playing new Frameworks,
creating libraries (Even in C++). OF course PHP is not the only language that I know, I also fall in
love with Python, to develop scripts and apps for Linux (BTW, Linux is also one of my passions.: D) I
always search for things that can bring me challenges, and that is what I looking for, some
company, small or big, that could give me challenges and I can offer back a good quality on delivers
and code.
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System to control production line

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