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I am a translator and a teacher. I have over 5 years of experience on teaching (English- Italian- Spanish Universal History) and 2 years on translating. I have completed a Bachelor of Translation at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Please do not hesitate to contact me in order to discuss your translating or teaching projects in detail and determine how my skills will positively contribute to your team.
As a translator, I am able to understand texts in the source language (Spanish- English- Italian) and to render them correctly in the target language (Spanish- English- Italian), using a style and register appropriate to the purpose of the text.
Also, I am able to research topics and terminology quickly and efficiently — in both source language and target language.
As a teacher, I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all students to be successful learners. I have a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student.
Nowadays, I am writing and translating for different digital channels.
Historia laboral
* JLV Business (Marketing y publicidad): Fulfill the  tasks  assigned:  research  about  brands,  products,  services,  marketing,  technology  and  entrepreneurship,  writing  reports  and  articles. Translate  about  brands,  products,  services,  marketing,  technology  and  entrepreneurship  for  the    clients   of  the    company.

* Universidad Simón Bolívar (Enseñanza superior)

* La edad de Oro

* Instituto Cultural de Idiomas (ICI)

* Revista Lo que acontece

* Servicio MaatGlobal

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