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As a passionate by Technology and Video Games, I’ve worked as a Software and Game Developer since 2007. I have a Technical Degree in Game Developing and a Graduation in Computer Science. I can learn other technologies, depending on the client's needs. I’m flexible and I can adjust myself.

I have the knowledge in the following programming languages: ActionScript, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Objective-C, Swift, C and C++.

I am willing to learn more in order to accomplish my projects. Send me a message. Let's connect!
Historia laboral
Tisstech | April 2016 | Full Stack Developer ­ Freelancer.
● Developing web systems.
● Using Laravel, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap.

Epitrack | January 2016 | Frontend Developer.
● Developing systems to fight against the epidemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases.
● Using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS.

CESAR | October 2014, 2015 | Software Engineer.
● Developing services for automated testing of HDMI devices. ● Using AngularJS, jQuery, Python, Django, Objective­C.

OGILVY & MATHER | 2011, 2012, 2013 | Senior Developer RIA (Rich Internet App).
● Making Gamification and programming animated banners, Flash Websites and
migrate to CSS3 animations.
● Building mobile and desktop apps to Advertisement campaigns.
● Using ActionScript and Flash, Web Standards, Box2D, XML, Json, jQuery, Phaser, GreenSock.

AURORA CREATIVE BUSINESS | 2010 | Pleno ActionScript Developer.
● Helping the Manager to understand and resolving clients’ needs.
● Creating a AS3 MVC Framework to build websites faster.
● Using ActionScript and Flash as a main technology, Web Standards, PHP, XML, Json,

CAPPEN | 2009 | ActionScript Developer.
● Building Front End and animations to web sites and banners.
● Helping to improve an ActionScript framework.
● Using ActionScript and Flash as a main technology, Web Standards, PHP, XML, Json,

JYNX Playware | 2007, 2008 | Game Developer.
● Building Gameplay, Front End Game, Interactive Applications and Gamification
sometimes with Database connections.
● Understanding and resolving the Advertisements helping the Game Designer with the
best way to the developing.
● Using J2ME, ActionScript, Flash and Web Standards, Box2D, XML

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