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I firmly believe that the only way of changing the world is changing its organizations. The co-creation experience of our future, must be a conscious act to find better ways to help us and others achieve our full human potential.

Work can be transformed into a meaningful, creative, fulfilling experience for all. Helping leaders and teams find their own ways of achieving extreme customer satisfaction, high-performance and sustainable culture is my passion and one of my life's greatest blessings.
Historia laboral
Founder and Principal Consultant
Apr 2013 – Present  Employment Duration4 yrs 7 mos
Ciudad de México y alrededores, México
With much love and deep appreciation of our responsibility as Social Change Agents, Innovaticus provides me a platform for helping Non Profit Organizations, Social Entrepreneurs and Artistic Communities to benefit from a collaborative improvement culture. Regularly working on low-cost, high impact initiatives I am also usually involved on a pro-bono basis with projects that I find inspiring.

Principal Collaborative Learning & Lean Agile Coach
Sistemas Humanos
Jun 2013 – Oct 2017 
Employment Duration 4 yrs 5 mos
Ciudad de México y alrededores, México
Helping our customers fulfill their long standing dreams of working in a functional and respectful leadership culture is my main responsibility. Completely committed to always finding better, easier more respectful ways of leading change in organizations I am honored to guide leaders and teams to achieve their full creative potential. Using a rich set of tools ranging from Design Thinking to Systems Psychology, my team designs and trains our customers change agent's in a varied set of interventions that sustain their efforts.

Collaborative Learning Researcher and Consultant
Sistemas Humanos
Sep 2005 – May 2013  Employment
Duration7 yrs 9 mos
Ciudad de México y alrededores, México
Being able to work on frontier collaborative learning research problems with clear and practical business value for our customers was a formative experience in my career as a Consultant. My role as researcher and consultant provided my with hard problems and exciting successes that now form the cornerstone of my consulting practice. I had the privilege of working with diverse teams helping them understand the nature of their collaboration roadblocks and how principles can help even the most troublesome team become a high performing team.

Director of Learning and Development
Company NameSistemas Humanos, S.C.
Dates EmployedSep 2007 – Feb 2009  Employment Duration1 yr 6 mos
LocationCiudad de México y alrededores, México
Leading the learning and development team at SG Campus was a great opportunity to find better ways to lower the cost of training by implementing an innovative collaborative on-line learning experiences. Our capable team of technical instructor and coaches, supported by a solid learning methodology made us set a high reaching standard in online learning experiences. I am very proud of our customer satisfaction achievements during this responsibility.

Talent Acquisition Recruiter
2000 – 2004  Employment
Duration4 yrs
Ciudad de México y alrededores, México
The principal responsibility of my role at Nexusware was assuring a constant flow of top notch talent that not had excellent technical abilities but a strong affinity with a technical excellence driven culture. Our department processed in excess of 800 applicants per month and was able to sustain a fast growing two-continent operation.

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