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Manuel E.

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Manuel has 18+ years reading and writing code in different programming languages. His first program was written in Pascal and eventually moved to C/C++. As IT departments grew, high level platforms became the standard. He chose .NET as the prefered development platform and has been using it since its initial release in 2002. This has given him a strong knowledge on the evolution of the framework and the different tools available. His latest research with functional programming and the F# programming language has led him to gain improvements on code readability and modularization.

He has strong skills developing Algorithms and applying Design Patterns to create solid Enterprise Solutions. During his career, he has shown a strong commitment to achieve optimal quality in deliveries by identifying those actions that have an impact on the cost/quality factor negatively and mitigating them by applying industry standards and best known practices.

Specialties: Business Analyst, Software & IT Services, Algorithms, Programming

Programming Style:

• Express ideas directly in code.
• Express independent ideas independently in code.
• Represent relationships among ideas directly in code.
• Combine ideas expressed in code freely – where and only where combinations make sense.
• Express simple ideas simply.
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