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Systems Engineer 2013, University Nororiental Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho

Community Manager
Monitors and updates the Company’s Social Media Portals, Monitors and coordinates online activity to meet the objectives of corporate, events, entity initiatives and individual brand strategies. Ensures social media platforms are up to date including events and images.

Marketing Strategy:

· Assists in developing the brand and act as guardian of the brand identity.

· Contributes to the developments of social media advertising efforts and promotional programs to establish brand awareness and create customer loyalty.

· Participate in online workshops, conferences and networking opportunities to keep abreast with trends within the online field.

• Programming Course in Visual C + + 6.0. JR Link in August 2009.
• UGMA Engineering Conference, 2007.
• Conversational English Level 1. Global Training Services C.A. 2006.
• Conversational English Level 2. Global Training Services C.A. 2006.
• Master in PHP. Sait Group. 2012

Desarrollo e implementación de planes para alcanzar un objetivo o meta predeterminada.  desarrollo y manejo de PHP.

Development and implementation of plans to achieve a goal or predetermined goal. development and management of PHP.

Reingeniería, Sistemas de Información, Tecnología de Información TI/IT
Organización de elementos y distribución informática para que pueda ser utilizada de manera eficaz.
herramientas de simulación visual.

Organization and distribution of computing elements that can be used effectively.
visual simulation tools
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