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Soy una persona super proactiva, auto-motivada y de buen humor. Me gusta la vida al aire libre, generar relaciones de confianza, runner adicto.
Tengo 31 años y soy Ingeniero.
Historia laboral
1) Bayer S.A. – Since January 2017

o    Position: Regional Sales Manager
o    Area: Sales
o    Team to lead: 8 business advisors.
o    Goals:
    Execution of the commercial plans and activities to ensure the
achievement of Sales Goals (Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly).
    Manage, motivate and coordinate Sales Reps under supervision.
    Supports to review, further develop and establish implementation plan of Sales-Channel-Strategy
    Actively support development and implementation of distribution.
    Concepts in line with business segment requirements.
    Analyze existing external distribution structure.
    Act as key-contact for establishing distributor contracts.
    Monitor/control business performance (incl. pricing, discounts,
etc.) with distributors compared to Budget/Planning.
    Manage distribution.
    Drive standardization of legal.

2) Bayer S.A. - February 2015 - December 2016

o    Position: Channel & Change Manager South Cone.
o    Área: Marketing.
o    Team: Go To Market.
o    Achievements:
    New collection scheme distribution network for Argentina.
    Implementation of Segmentation of distributors.
    Definition of areas of influence determined for each distributor.
    Definition of "portfolio accounts" for each distributor.
    Successfully implementation of the “New Bayer” philosophy and work style.

o    Goals: Design the market access in Argentina and Cono Sur (Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile). Ensure both, Distributor and Bayer, profitability. Create tailor-made value prepositions for each distributor. Construct specific channels KPI´s and control panels for the distribution net. Seek their compliment; analyze coverage, sales force, and number of distributors, implement solutions programs for customers and distributor as well as loyalty programs for both.

3) Monsanto Argentina - October 2011 - March 2013.

o    Position: Customer Operations Analyst
o    Área: Supply Chain
o    Assigned Area: Center and North of Argentina
o    Achievements:
    Successful management of appointed distributors.
    100% efficiency in resolution of open tickets.

o    Goals: Support to the sale force and distribution centers. Order management and billing, organization of information by providing reports of orders, stocks, quotas, price tracking, and monitoring conditions of sale. Responsible for ensuring the management of assigned accounts, customer focus and management of processes and documentation to ensure successful operations.

4) Monsanto Argentina - June 2013 - February 2015.

o    Position: Technical Sales Representative.
o    Area: Sales.
o    Assigned Area: North West of Bs. As. Province.
o    Achievements:
    20% increase in sales of corn and Agrochemicals in 2 years.
    Introduction of 15 new customers to the brand portfolio.
    Generating a new trade status for dairy producers in the area.
    Successful brand positioning in the area

o    Goals: Sale and consulting to the clients assigned. Ensure their loyalty to the brand, cultivate trust relationship, and convey the value proposition of the products, increasing its stake in the brand. Introduction of new materials in the area and generate new customers

5) El Angelus S.A. - Enero, Febrero y Marzo de 2007, 2008, 2009.

o    Position: Young Professional
o    Location: General Villegas.
o    Área: Production and Consulting.
o    Goals: Management of the poultry sector. Nutritional plan, sanitary control and sale. Agronomist assistant in livestock and agriculture. Livestock management in general. Planting plans.

6) Universidad de Buenos Aires - Marzo 2010 - Diciembre.

o    Position: Professor Assitant.
o    Cáthedra: Horticulture Cathedra
o    Goals: Management trials in experimental plots, analysis and defend them.

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