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PM Promomac
The most successful and flexible Augmented Reality agency in Latin America

PM Promomac, is an advertising and Marketing agency which uses the most advanced technologies worldwide to make your brand grow, we make not only advertising, we make user experiences.

PM Promomac, is the only agency which uses more than 5 licences and advanced computer programming to create AR in all their multiple ways. Either you need to create, or use an AR app on you mobile, or create an app to make it interactive using a PC.
All of this is based on our knowledge and curses taken by the most famous brands of AR worldwide, so we can provide all types of experiences focused on branding, marketing, advertising.

We not only deliver the greatest user experience, we are confident that our cost - experience is one of our best deals in the market, because we use different options to create, program, and deliver apps, we manage to give our clients exactly whatever they need and no cost extra. We are flexible too, we let the user change contents so they won´t pay more for each content that they really need.

PM Promomac, develops, rents space, create efficient sales and marketing designs so your AR experience not only get to the audience but the user actually adquire your services or products online.

Creation of new apps
AR on Magazines
Geo- Tagging apps
AR on business cards
AR on clothes or merchandising
Development of video games activated by logos or images
Marketing and Sales AR
Among 1000 more.

Some of our clients:

SECTUR Veracruz
SUZUKI Bikes Xalapa
Politician Américo Zúñiga ( politic campaign in Veracruz)
Municipio Emiliano Zapata
Sábalo Automotriz de Xalapa (Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Dodge)
Among others...

Official Website:

Our apps are not only cool, they are useful
Download Promomac or 200cities2visit on IOS or Android
Historia laboral
* PM Promomac (Entertainment): Augmented Reality programs and campaigns for national broadcasting through devices like IOS and Android.
Creation and Development of this AR Apps for advertising or marketing creativity and strategies on brands in all Latinamerica.
Active partner with Aurasma, Vuforia and Metaio
Marketing and Advertisement agency with GD, AR, 2 & 3D animation and production.

* Terra Vieja Camp (Entertainment): Integrated solutions for companies, families and kids programs. We are knocking down walls about new ways to entertain people while they learn concepts of motivation, education, leadership, teamwork which applies for every single human being.

Our company is getting higher everyday because our quality of services and most important because people have fun while learning how to work in a really smooth way with the people that are around them.

* Terra Vieja Camps (Consumer Goods): CEO Terra Vieja Camp

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