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Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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10+ years experience in the Latin American market and 5 years work experience in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management developing personalized logistics services to specific requirements, improving times and operational costs to ensure customer satisfaction, with up to 60 persons in charge.
Historia laboral
Resident Chemical Engineer
Company NameTerraPreta
Dates EmployedMar 2017 – Aug 2017  Employment Duration6 mos
LocationGreater Los Angeles Area
Responsibilities: Prototype a Pyrolysis Chemical Reactor to convert organic waste into Biochar.
Achievements: Develop a Prototype to Produce Biochar from organic waste (https://goo.gl/QMfrBs)

Sales Coordinator
Company NameAllTour S.A.S.
Dates EmployedDec 2016 – Mar 2017  Employment Duration4 mos
LocationBogotá D.C. Area, Colombia
Responsibilities: Set up commercial protocols.
Achievements: Set up business relationships with different hotels and travel agencies.

Operations and Sales Coordinator
Company NameSilleti Colombia S.A.S.
Dates EmployedJul 2016 – Sep 2016  Employment Duration3 mos
LocationCundinamarca Area, Colombia
Responsibilities: 10+ Chairs Sale Requirements; Internal Controls; Exchange Control Operations - BanRep Forms 4.
Achievements: Correct BanRep Forms 4 years 2014 to 2016; Complete 10+ chairs sale requirements.

General Manager
Company NameInversiones Trillennium S.A.S.
Dates EmployedMar 2015 – Aug 2015  Employment Duration6 mos
LocationBogotá D.C. Area, Colombia
* Corporate customers in America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.
* Global customers and suppliers’ negotiations from/to Brazil and Colombia, new logistics operations of Hazardous Materials; Global 3PL’s employees and suppliers; Evaluate the reduction of overall costs in Brazilian operations, analyzing São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.
* Global corporate customers and suppliers; manage and coach a 10 persons team; coach and supervise a 50 persons indirect team; global logistics requirements and bank operations.
* New service agreement with P&G Brazil; Increase the number of suppliers and service portfolio in Brazil.
* Certification for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air for Shippers and Packers – FedEx/IATA; 100% Increase of the Bank Corporate Credit Limit in 2,014; 400% increase in P&G Purchase Orders value as a preferred supplier; 50% Sales Increase in 2,014.
* Develop a 99% ANVISA (Brazil) immediate release of regulated finished product samples importation process for P&G R&D in Brazil; General Development Excellence Junior Award – MBE Colombia; Excellence Award International Category - MBE Worldwide S.R.L.; Entrepreneur Franchise Award – DHL; 100% Increase of the Bank Corporate Credit Limit in 2,012 and 2,013; 400% Sales Increase in 2,012; 250% Sales Increase in 2,013.

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