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I’ve been a software engineer since 1998 focused on the development and testing of software solutions, emphasizing the execution of best practices to achieve the best results of the technology. My combined experience in software construction and verification makes me a very singular professional with the required skills needed for the complexity of today’s Enterprise Software Solutions. As a Developer, my experience in software testing has given me the knowledge and attitude to validate the solution being built, previous to integration and system testing. As a Test Analyst, my experience in software development enables me to comprehend the software solutions’ architectures, a needed skill for the accurate analysis and design of technical and functional tests, aiming to reduce the risks and costs of the software implementation.
Additionally, the reached maturity with my labor experience enables me to be an advisor in the practices and processes of the entire software development lifecycle, capacity also empowered by talents in research and teaching.
I am also a dynamic and adaptable professional, successful working in hard and challenging environments where the unexpected is the order of the day, and also an achievement-oriented agent of change, able to transform my environment in order to work in a more efficient way.
Historia laboral
* Pranical Technologies (Computer Software): Analisis, diseño e implementación de soluciones empresariales de misión crítica haciendo uso de tecnologías BPM/SOA.

* UIP: Líder técnico del servicio de soporte de aplicaciones de la UIP

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