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Pablo S. S.

Java Developer at Starmount

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I am a passionate developer and always hungry for increasing my knowledge.
I feel like a permanent student who always searches for new challenges and experiences.
Historia laboral
:: Senior Java Developer ::
Starmount Argentina
1873 Godoy Cruz – C.A.B.A – Argentina
2014/August till today
•    Retail applications development
•    Design decisions and execution of core applications
•    Unitary tests development.

:: Project Leader & Java Developer ::
Acciona IT Solutions
740 Alicia Moreau de Justo Av. – Floor 4, 6th Office – C.A.B.A – Argentina
2012/September to 2014/August
> In internal Software Factory <
(from 2013/09 to 2014/08)
    LAN Project: POSITION: Functional Analyst
    •    Functional analysis of projects. Enhancements suggestions.
    •    Document writing for new developments; tickets creations and following.
    •    Development team coordination.
    •    6 projects analysed.

    RAP Project (Kodacon): POSITION: Project Leader
    •    Project functional analysis.
    •    Time estimations, GANTT, budget buildings and proposals.
    •    Teamwork coordination (UI designers, developers).
    •    Technologies analysis
    CitiBank Project:: POSICION: Java Developer
    •    Java development

    Other projects: POSITION: Desarrollador
    •    Java and PHP developments.

> In Thomson Reuters as a Semi Senior Java Developer
(from 2012/09 to 2013/09)
    1471 Tucumán St.– 3º Floor – C.A.B.A. - Argentina
    POSITION: Java Semi Senior Developer
    •    Content migration applications development
    •    Design decisions and execution of core applications
    •    Unitary tests development.
    •    Design and development of complementary software tools.

:: Project Leader - Java ::
Verizon Business
344 San Martín St.– 25th Floor – C.A.B.A. - Argentina
2011/March to 2012/September
•    Projects control and state reporting.
•    Development tasks distribution.
•    Participation on critic applications design.
•    Development of critic applications and unitary tests.
•    Capacitating new development team members.
•    Point of contact and reference for other teams support.
•    Project management area support

:: Junior Java Developer ::
Intelap S.A.
768 Belgrano Av. – 3rd Floor “E” – C.A.B.A. - Argentina
2010/March to 2011/March
•    Unitary tests and applications development
•    Project management area support

:: Solutions Sales & Tester ::
Gemalto Global Services S.A.
900 Eduardo Madero Av .– 21st Floor – C.A.B.A
2007/August to 2009/November
> As a Tester <
(from 2008/10 to 2009/11)
    •    Quality controller of customized applications
    •    Test cases design and execution.
    •    Failure monitoring and reporting

> As a Solutions Sales Trainee <
(from 2007/08 to 2008/08)
    •    Tools development built to assist the sales team
    •    Logs analysis. Data queries.
    •    Billing control and account monitoring
    •    Monthly informs writings.
    •    Demo tunings for customer. Presentations and exhibition.

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