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Freelancer Melissa E. Melissa E. 6 days ago

"Pankaj knows how to listen well to requirements, and asked the right questions to ensure the deliverables will be aligned with expectations. Was also able to deliver ahead of schedule. Thank you."

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About me
Dedicated IT consultant having 14+ years experience. Graduate of Top MBA Program.  I am Full Stack developer with the flare of marketing.

Providing complete solution for  Website Development, React Native, Flutter, PHP, Laravel, iPhone, Android App Development and White Hat SEO, SMM, Quality Link Building, Traffic Building, Lead generation.

I am Internet Marketer specializing in online PR, search engine friendly web site copy, article marketing and social media content. I excel in delivering page one Google rankings and getting my clients relevant press exposure. 

I am in Top 10% Freelancer, delivered over 600+ projects with 99% 5 Star Feedback with the 100% Recommendation.  I overhaul my strategy to match Google Guideline and produce fast results.

As a successful, creative marketing Personnel I focus on optimized content, I have produced copy for leading international brands as well as helping many of businesses to make their online presence felt.
Work history
Summary: I've been very fortunate to have a challenging and wide-ranging career in web development.

I started at a small advertising firm before moving up to be the head of web development at a medium sized firm, where I created a content management system we sold to schools (over 300 sold in two years) to great success.

On relocating to London, I spent eight years at The American School in London, doing everything from Wordpress, custom e-newsletters, online messaging boards, to building dynamic database-driven iCal feeds and event registrations.

I've made several content management systems, in short I've been able to do a lot of interesting, creative work.

And I look forward to doing a lot more.
Job Title: Freelance Front-End & Middleware Designer
Description: Freelance work as a Front-End & Middleware Developer.

Design, coding, project management, database administration, client liaison

HTML (4&5), CSS (2&3), Javascript, jQuery, PHP5, Wordpress, Photoshop, MySQL, Linux servers

Job Title: Online Services Manager
Company: American School in London
Overall responsibility for all online services including CMS and online learning environments: strategy, web design, coding, project management, web server management, database administration, training, implementation of new technologies

HTML (4&5), CSS (2&3), Javascript, PHP5, Wordpress, Photoshop, Wikimedia, Moodle, phpBB, MySQL, Linux & Windows servers
From:01/Jul/2004 To:01/Apr/2012

Job Title: Web Manager
Company: Vivid Computers
Design, coding, systems integration, project management, server management, database administration, client liaison

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Photoshop, MySQL, Linux & Windows servers
From:01/Feb/2002 To:01/Apr/2004

Job Title: Contributor
Company: Rampant Media
hosting, script writing, production, voice work
From:01/Feb/2001 To:01/Apr/2004

Job Title: Web Developer
Company: Pop Advertising
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, MS Access

design, coding, network administration (Win/Linux)
From:01/Jan/2001 To:01/Jan/2001

Job Title: Freelance web developer
Company: Fuller Books
Description: Over a two week period I worked very closely with several key members of staff to produce a custom management system for this bookshop.

Key features included:
1) All pages text should be editable
2) All images should be replaceable by simply uploading a new one; any images upload should resize automatically
3) A series of different page types, from event listings, rare books, their lecture series, downloads, essays etc., all editable and with the ability to easily add new records for each.
4) An e-newsletter system that pulled all upcoming events into a pre-formatted email, which was then editable, and finally sends out to subscribers.
5) An iCal feed that is created dynamically from the events and lecture entries.

The entire design and layout was created too, from scratch.

All coding, database structuring, design, image work etc was done by myself.
From:07/May/2012 To:18/May/2012

Job Title: Freelance web developer
Company: BSK Associates
Description: Martin hired me to make a vibrant webpage for his company (7 pages).

I designed the site using Photoshop, sliced it up and coded it all to work.

The page functionality was:
1) Home, text, photos, and a sidebar pulling in information on his products and upcoming events.
2) About, just text with some graphics.
3) Tweet blog, I hand-coded a system to grab his tweets from twitter to use those as posts too for people to reply too via his site. If someone replied to him on twitter it also grabbed that for his site.
4) Products, lists of products with photos and details on them. Updated via a simple custom made CMS I made.
5) Events, as above basically. PLUS all his events were automatically included in a dynamic iCal feed.
6) Contact, a contact form that both emailed him and somewhat cleverly tweeted him too.
7) Fun, a page for him to paste links with images of things he finds online and likes. This also picks up his tweets if he includes a special hashtag at the end of them (like Linkedin does)

The code was SEO and he's now in the top three listings on Google in all his chosen keywords.

His blogging system seems to be getting really busy too.
From:21/May/2012 To:22/Jun/2012