Marcelo R. freelancer experto en SQL Server, Java, J2EE, Visual Basic, Java Server Faces (JSF)

Marcelo R.

System Architect at Petrobras

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Programación y Tecnología

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•    Consulting and Technical Support 

•    Web Solutions analyse and development

•    Programming in VB, VBScript, Javascript, ASP, Java and C#

•    Development solutions in J2EE (Enterprise JavaBeans, Servlets,JSP,JDBC)

•    Modeling and development for Oracle ,SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000 , SQL Server 2005  and MySQL

•    Development PL/SQL and Transact SQL

•    Modeling systems using UML

•    Development systems with the Frameworks Struts, Hibernate, JSF and Spring

•    Management Developer´s Team
Historia laboral
* Ideais (Information Technology and Services)

* PM Rodrigues Desenvolvimento de Software (Computer Software)

* Softtek (Information Technology and Services) [desde 7/2012]

* CTIS (Information Technology and Services) [desde 4/2012]

* Politec (Information Technology and Services) [desde 7/2010]

* IBM (Information Technology and Services) [desde 11/2009]

* M4U (Telecommunications) [desde 9/2009]

* Sotreq S/A (Machinery) [desde 2/2009]: •    Definition of the base architecture for the new Java development products and Migration of the older software, developed in Informix 4gl to new platform. Every new Java products was developed for Websphere Application Server 6.1, using the Rational Software Architect IDE.

•    Definition development software process, including patterns development and standardizations approaches, most minimum UML documentation, and installing, configuration and administration CVS Server.

•    Java development support

•    Developing and maintenancing products in VB6, VB.NET and SQL Server

•    Teaching java to development team

* Telvent (Information Technology and Services) [desde 11/2006]: Participation in  project of automatization of drinking water macrodistribution network -  Belo Horizonte: 

•    Defining integration between real time systems (SCADA) , Systems of Geographical information  (ArcGIS 9) and modeling/simulation drinking water macrodistribution network in C#, PL/SQL and Transact-SQL. 

•    Coordinating team for customization modeling/simulation MIKE URBAN Software.  Activity performed in Sevilla, Spain

•    Elaborating the Costumization´s Especification ArcGIS in ArcObjecjs and VBA

•    Elaborating the base architecture for migration  development from present systems in  COPASA to WEB.  Architecture in J2EE has been using itself Framework struts and EJB with the container JBOSS 4.0.4

•    Developing the server and clients OPC for integration SCADA system and modeling/simulation systems in C#.

* Softek (Computer Software) [desde 3/2006]: Development systems in C# and Java, with database SQL Server 200 and Oracle 9i

•    Developing systems in J2EE for  Weblogic application server versions 6, 7 and 8, using  frameworks Struts, Hibernate and Spring. 

•    Developing systems in .NET plataform, for Web and PocketPC

•    Developing Integration systems between SAP/R3 and J2EE system

•    Modeling systems using UML

* Lemon Bank (Banking) [desde 8/2004]: Developing systems in ASP,VB,J2EE, with SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8i
•    Participating in project  for development the On-line Financial Bank (System developed ASP.NET (C#))

•    Developing new solutions in ASP, SQL Server and Java (application client with AWT) for the Website

•    Developing systems for capture of collection / banking automation (Developed in C ANSI for the platforms, Win9x, Linux and POS' s Lipman

* Procwork (Information Technology and Services) [desde 3/2002]: Development systems in ASP,VB e COM/DCOM/COM+ com with Oracle

•    Database modeling

•    System modeling

•    Microsoft IIS 5.0 administration

•    Developing system in Servlet, JSP, JDBC and EJB

•    Teaching Java for webdevelopers and webdesigners

•    Development to Ministério do Trabalho Portal ( Trabalho.NET )

•    Development to -

•    Database modeling, system modeling, administrating WEB Server
Microsoft IIS 5.0, Developing intranet solution using Servlet,JSP,JDBC and EJB

•    Teaching J2EE to other team´s developer

•    System Developer – Portal´s Ministério do Trabalho (Trabalho.NET)

•    System Developer - – National Plan to Worker Qualification

* Dinamoweb (Design) [desde 7/2001]: System development in ASP e VB, database modeling. System modeling , NT Server and Windows 2000 Server administration

Team Leader in E-Procurement service (\procure )

Team Leader in\intra-hoteis

System Developer GSKCompras Portal ( )

* Metatron (Computer Software) [desde 5/2001]: •    Development wap solution usng integration between Exchange Server and Cellution Server

•    Install, administration and WAP Server support ( Cellution )

•    Implementing KM Solution using Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2001

•    Developing and supporting ASP Aplication

* Fundação Getulio Vargas (Education Management) [desde 3/2001]: •    User supporting

•    Install and configuration of Win9x and WinNT workstation

•    Configuring printer server in NT and Novel Netware 4.11

•    Configuring e-mail, remote support ( Microsoft SMS );

* Time Warner Inc. (Entertainment) [desde 10/1999]: •    User supporting

•    Windows NT Server  install and administration

•    Administrating Exchange server

•    Windows NT Workstation Install and configuration

•    Configuring decoder to reception and transmission of signs for payperview TV channels
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