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Emiliano T.

Senior Developer at TISA

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Young and focused IT professional, based on the development of windows based system, but also had experience working with mobile environment. Continuous compromise towards the resolution of daily challenges and the quality delivered with his work.
Proven skills working on high pressure situations as well as a very organized multitasker. Recognized for his strong addition to the daily teamwork, ownership and communication abilities.

Other remarked abilities and skills: Proactivity, Innovation, Compromise, High availability, Conflict resolution, Coordination, Organization.

Technical highlights: .Net, MSSQL Server, Phonegap, JQuery, Angular, Entity Framework
Historia laboral
* TISA Software LLC (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Due to TISA is a Software Factory, I worked on several proyects. Among them, I have accomplish different tasks:

Develop a mobile application for device tracking. It was developed in Titanium Appcelerator, both for Android and iOS devices. It comunicates to a .Net Web Service and uses a MSSQL 2012 database.

Develop a social network for mobile devices. It was developed using Phonegap Build, both for Android and iOS devices. This technology is based in HTML and Javascript. It comunicates to a .Net Web Service and uses a MSSQL 2012 database.

Worked with a team using SCRUM metodology for a USA client. We developed a SPA (Single-Page Application) using AngularJS and Bootstrap. The back-end was a MVC5. We used Entity Framework connected to a MSSQL 2012 database.

I also contributed in different projects in a minor manner, which used, among other things, the following technologies: Ext.NET , NHibernate, JQuery, JSON, CSS, Web Services, Web API, Oracle SQL, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic for Applications

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