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Good to see you!,

Well, as it's obvious, we´re iniciating ourselves on this platform after have gotten a nice quantity of experience working on with companies. 

Specifically we have provided support, as you see, to latin american companies to iniciate themselves in an international field with translations on documents, curriculums, live translations support on chats and even with some insurances contracts, a huge variation on things.

The skills we have gotten on this or the best we can provide is an experienced and high quality management on the languages mentioned above, but more important, we are natives in so much complex languages as are the latin ones, and some VITALS ones as are Spanish and last but no less important, Italian, usefull in a more specific projects,  so if you want to take a look at our job let's get in touch so we can discuss a little bit of the kind of work you looking for, and as we can expect, it would be some good translations that look that they were actually written in the language they got translated to. So just take a look and see what solutions we can offer for your specifics requirements.

See you soon!

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