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My name is Alluh Nelson. I am a marketing and sales consultant with over 6 years experience. With my skill set, I have been able to increase my client's profit by 30%  I have a Master’s degree
in philosophy with extensive experience in Sales, Digital Marketing, offline Marketing, operations, business systems, processes and procedures  customer service/happiness, team management and marketing.
In addition, I also have experience in copywriting and content writing and I have written over 300 hundred articles for all my clients combine.
If you hire me, I will guarantee you an experience that will transform your business.
Historia laboral
Dates to and from
2013 – 2015

JOB TITLE,                    Company Name
Operations Manager Starry Gold Academy

Operation Manager
 General Website Maintenance: This task involves general update in all Starry Gold Academy and
Starry Gold Services websites. I update the websites when necessary. Some changes could be

daily, weekly, monthly quarterly or yearly. Also, I upload into the backend of the website when
 Membership Maintenance: This is where questions and answer are made available to student to
download during their own FREE time. so I create and send username and password to students
email when they buy either in the office or via courier. Also, I update the details of students which
include their membership level, change of email and others. I also attend to their complains
whenever it is required within 24hours and upload of questions and solutions into different pages.
 Video Editing and Production: I edit recorded videos that are available and they will be made
available for either sales or promotion via the process on ground to edit, prepare the table,
produce, test to confirm the videos, upload then send to the encryption department.
 Lecturer Management: This involves setting lecturers up in the studio and ensure that they are
recorded well. I agree the time with each lecturer, request for their softcopy ahead and ensure that
the environment is very cool, neat and conducive. Also send all the lecturers a happy new month
sms, attend their wedding and anniversary.
 WhatsApp Management: I always update all enquiry and complain into their designated phones
then add the lecturers' numbers into every customer’s who come to office to buy. Similarly, for
customer who did not come to office or are outside Lagos, I will follow up and ensure that they
add the lecturers contact to their WhatApp. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, I also update all
lecturer’s phone contact then follow up immediately to ensure that the broadcast list has been
updated. Also, Ipost article, happy new month messages into all the Whatsapp group and reply
chats in over 100 whatsapp groups.
 Aweber call and sms enquiry broadcast:I call daily students/customers who optin into aweber
(customers details capturing software) and also weekly broadcast to all customers that made
enquiry via smsbusinessng. Also, send them an sms that will arouse them to buy.
 management of all social media portals. They include facebook, Twitter, Youtube, successtips
comments in WordPress. I post twice daily 3x a week in all our social media channels.
Furthermore I also respond to inquiries on social media daily I.e wordpress and Facebook
comments must be replied.
 Research, Supervisory and Assistance:I check the phones and ensure that missed calls are been
returned, assist in picking of sales phone calls. Check their phones in case any message is skipped
and generally oversee what they are doing by going through their call record.
 Article Writing: This involves writing of articles that will be of beneficial to the customers. I
write a minimum of 1 article weekly that will be beneficial to the students’ success. Please find my
articles at
 Reporting: At the end of each day, a report that will capture everything should be sent. I always
send a report before the close of business of all your activities, Issues encountered and how they
were solved, feedback from the customers.
 Process Development and improvement: Since nothing is static, I always review our process on a
monthly basis to find out their relevance.
 Representation and engagement: I represent the academy in any functions and AGM’s of the
professional body.
 Release of Fund: I release fund to the team as soon as it is approved by the MD

Dates to and from
2015 – 2016

JOB TITLE, Company Name
Chief Operating Officer Starry Gold Group

Job Roles/responsibilities
 Daily Sales Meeting: Hold 1hour daily meeting how to improve the sales in Starry Gold Academy
 Supervise and general management: Here I oversee two companies starry Gold Academy and
Starry Gold Marketing Services even when the MD with his entire family travel to abroad for a

2year course.
 Vendor Relationship: In the nature of our business, vendors are very important to our business, so
I was saddled with responsibility of managing them because so that they can give in their best
and been professionals of various fields, they needed to be treated as customers and not vice-
 Building of Marketing department for client: I was saddled with the responsibility of building
marketing in a box for all our clients. This includes ecommerce/website construction, Facebook,
Instagram, Whatsapp and twitter set-up depending on the nature of your business, development of
fill in the gap content management template, Daily, weekly, monthly and annually marketing
calendar, organize training for the client on where their involvement is needed.
 New Client Acquisition, retention and Happiness: I am saddled with the responsibility to go and
get a new client for the business both online and off line; organize meeting and carry them through
the process of how their business works.
 Customer relationship maintenance: Here, I send once in a week test messages and emails on the
below following:
o Who is a customer
o Who is the real Boss of the business
o Why Marketing and Sales is the most important department you should pay attention to
o Why sending once a week (preferably Wednesday) for post articles to your list
o Customer service essentials
o Why Processes and systems is core to your business if you want to rest
o Customer happiness tips
o Reasons why most businesses fail etc.
 Domain and website hosting Management: Due to the sensitivity of the information, I was
responsible for registration and renewal domains. Also, I maintain the hosting servers of all our
 Computer Security Training: I train all staffs to be security conscious both online and offline by
organizing a training workshop of 1hr on a monthly basis to discuss the scam techniques in vogue
and how they are been hypnotized to do what they are not suppose to do.

Dates to and from
2016 – 2017

JOB TITLE, Company Name
Chief Operating Officer Starry Gold Group Home Foods

Job Roles and Responsibilities in HomeFoods Restaurant
 All my responsibilities in the above still remains the same
 I built the entire company from the scratch. That is I rented the location, bought all the equipment,
employed all the 21 staffs, liase with landlord etc
 To organize, orientation and training of employee about the organization culture which is very
sacrosanct to the company.
 To develop and always improve on the process and the systems for both the kitchen and restaurant
 To documented all the recipe and method of cooking all our recipe based on their timing
 Developed and improve on the process of how to attend to customers and make them happy in the
 I am responsible for the operations in both kitchen and Restaurant.
 I liase with Local government officials, NAFDAC and Lagos Safety Commission
 I am responsible for both sales and marketing of the restaurant through different marketing
 I was saddled with the responsibility of searching for customers in Banks and offices

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