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Working in digital  projects since 1996. I've been in charge of the development and marketing of websites, intranets and apps. I've participated in the strategy of several social networks.
Those include multiplatform social network for employees.
I had the opportunity of working on contents and technology in different multicultural teams and for multilingual Digital Marketing Projects, Pay per click campaigns a emailings.
I´ve developed SEO, SEM, Contents, Social Networks campaigns and mobile apps.
Historia laboral
* Santa Fe Relocation Services (Human Resources): Getting leads and reads for websites and e mail marketing campaigns: SEO, Contents, Analytics, e mail marketing and PPC.
I manage several Social Media Profiles.

* Zertifica : Managing SEO position, contents and tracking analytics for Zertifica ( Zertifica, Vital Records - Expediatur ) in 6 countries and 3 languages.
Content production for the webs.

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