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Objective: to work like Systems Analyst/Developer. Available to travels.

Professional Summary: five years of professional experience in consulting, analysis, development and maintenance of computer systems connected to databases.
Work history
* TIVIT (Information Technology and Services): Activities: I work in systems development for SICREDI's projects.

Programming Language: C; Software of Development: Vi and Notepad++; Version Control System: TortoiseSVN; Database: Oracle with PL/SQL Developer; SSH Client: PuTTY; Operational Systems: AIX (Unix) and Windows.

* MJM Sistemas de Informação (Computer Software): Activities: development of websites;

Programming languages: Java and JavaScript; Style sheet language : CSS; Markup languages: XHTML and XML; Frameworks: JavaServer Faces (JSF), Primefaces, Spring MVC and Hibernate; Others components: JSTL; Others technologies: Ajax; Integrated Development Environment: Eclipse; Application server: Apache Tomcat; Build automation: Apache Maven; Graphics editor: Gimp; Database: MySQL; Operational System: Ubuntu (Linux).

* BRQ (Information Technology and Services) [desde 10/2012]: Activities: software sustenance services for HSBC Insurance;

Programming Languages: C and PowerBuilder; Software of Development: Vim; Database: Sybase; SSH Client: PuTTY; Operational Systems: HP-UX (Unix) and Windows.

* TIVIT (Information Technology and Services) [desde 6/2012]: Activities: I worked in systems development for a HSBC bank's migration project (One HSBC Core Banking - HPA Infra Structure - Savings Accounts).

Programming Languages: C, Shell Script, COBOL Micro Focus and AWK; Software of Development: Vi; Compiler: GCC; Database: Sybase; SSH Client: PuTTY; Operational Systems: Red Hat (Linux) and Windows.

* MPS Informática Ltda (Computer Software) [desde 10/2011]: Activities: I worked in correction and development of programs utilized by many Justice Courts in Brazil.

Programming Languages: Delphi (Object Pascal) and Centura (SQLWindows); Software Architecture: MVC; Version Control System: TortoiseSVN; Databases: Sybase with SQL-Programmer and Oracle (PL/SQL) with SQL*Plus and SQLTools; Entity-Relationship Model and Reverse Engineering: Visual Paradigm for UML; Virtual Machine: VMware; Operational System: Windows.

* Câmara Municipal de Curitiba (Information Technology and Services) [desde 8/2010]: Activities: I worked in migration of data from HTML pages to a relational database. The transfer of legislative information to database was done by use of scripts and regular expressions.

Programming Languages: Python and Shell Script; Software of Development: Vim; Version Control System: SVN; Database: PostgreSQL with pgAdmin and psql; Operational System: Debian (Linux).

* COPEL (Utilities) [desde 6/2008]: Activities: I worked in correction and development of programs to control of energy transmission lines.

Programming Languages: Delphi (Object Pascal); Version Control System: StarTeam; Database: Oracle with SQL*Plus; Operational System: Windows.
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