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My name is Vilma Rego.
I am a Certified Lawyer with license in Portugal and Brazil and have professional experience in the field of Immigration, Nationalizations, Labor Law and Civil Law in Brazil and in Portugal, and also in international markets , commodities' contracts and in the Cayman Islands. I Also have a lot of experience in the Customer Care and Administrative field.
I ran my own business, an outlet of Brazilian fashion designers´pieces, that I administrated with a partner. Some of my tasks were maintain files and databases, prepare reports, and correspondence, monitor office operations, schedule the agenda, track office supply inventory and approve supply orders, control budgets and expenses and work with the companies' accountant.
Prior to opening my own business in Brazil, I was working as a Trader, buying and selling equities, focusing on investing in commodities contracts, focusing in the International Markets and living in the Cayman Islands. I kindly ask you to see my Resumé do learn more about my role as a Commodities Trader.
I offer responsibility and integrity and a problem solver attitude. I am a very social person, so I like to work in departaments that need people able to deal with clients, complaints and workers. I am excelent at communicating,in all its forms, as well as negotiating. In constant need for learning, it is a great pleasure to make research. I am from Portugal, and have lived in the Cayman Islands and Brazil, travelled a lot and worked and lived with people from different countries and cultures. This experince allow me to work very well with people who have different ethnic, social, or educational backgrounds. I am an excelent mediator and very good at managing conflitcts and complaints. These are my strongest skills, and I am positive that will benefit your project.
I speak native Portuguese and speak fluent English and Spanish.
Historia laboral

SAMPAIO & PINA, Advogados - Lisbon - PORTUGAL
Attorney At Law
March 2015 – now

Take care of the company paperwork, particularly contracts, and draft business documents. They usually spend a lot of time researching, writing and editing commercial reports. This might entail examining national, international and local laws to identify any rules they must follow or conflicts that might arise. The documents they write may be related to establishing or dissolving a business, merging two businesses, creating sales contracts, establishing non-compete clauses or changing a business's organizational structure. When necessary, commercial lawyers collaborate with other lawyers, clients or government agencies to execute paperwork or complete transactions. They may also engage in negotiations on behalf of their clients.

Attorney At Law
July 2013 – February 2015

Negotiation, settling disputes and supervise any agreements, research and gather evidence; analyse legal documents. Advise clients as to their rights under the law and help protect the interests of the businessand. Assist the aforementioned parties with litigation, contracts, depositions and other legal matters. Act as a professional representative for clients who are involved in court cases. Gather and exhibit evidence to exonerate my client, confer with judges, and lay out cases before juries in courtroom settings. Additional duties include drawing up legal briefs, researching legal precedents, questioning witnesses and developing courtroom strategies.

Owner and Administrator
July 2013 – March 2014

I am in charge of the company in regards to the management of material and financial resources and have responsibility for the planning of strategies to manage the day to day of the store, helping to define, analyze and fulfill the goals of the organization. Working in almost all departments, including sales, I too take care of the finances and market resources, coordinate the resources of the company, controlling the purchase and storage of supllies and de final product . In the financial sector, I take care of budgets, cash flow and accounting. Finally, is part of my work to deaI with advertising, marketing and the sales of the products offered.

December 2012 – July 2013

As a Commodities Trader I had to focus on the negotiation of Precious Metals, take positions based on forecasted economic trends or arbitrage opportunities in the precious metals markets, purchase and sell product and securities futures on the exchange markets and contracts . Manage accounts for clients and client orders over the phone, performing deals via computer. I am also responsible for elaborating documents, texts and Web Site
page in both Portuguese and Spanish, business level.

July 2011 - December 2012

My duties were to maintain workflow by studying methods, implementing cost reductions and developing reporting procedures; to develop staff by providing information; to resolve administrative problems by coordinating preparation of reports, analyzing data, and identifying solutions, to ensure operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories; to provide information by answering questions and requests from the guests and other people; to maintain supplies inventory by checking stocks to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies. Reporting, Administrative and Writing Skills, Microsoft Office
Skills, Managing Processes, Organization, Analyzing Information, Problem Solving, Supply Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication Were a must in this job because the front desk was the center of all the Departments of the Resort.

Legal Advisor
January 2011 - July 2011
Working with the Company´s Lawyers, I learned how to do the analysis of the Company´s legal problems, consulting to assess their cases, regarding the legal solutions and the chances of success guiding the Company on the possibilities of an amiable resolution of their problems, with the recommendation of the appropriate steps to follow in relation to
the opponent party or other persons or institutions, drafting letters and applications on behalf of the Company, the negotiation with the opponent party and any other persons, companies and institutions involved, on behalf of the Company, to obtain the best results drawing on the amiable resolution carrying out the operations specific to a firm law.

CASA DA GUINÉ ( Guinea´s House), IPSS ( private institution of social solidarity).  - Lisbon - PORTUGAL
Law Traineeship
January 2009 - August 2009

I learned how to handle client caseloads, filing case files, take statements, research cases and legal information, draft documents and letters; work under pressure , be well organized, developed competent computer abilities, pay high attention to details, improved competent written and spoken communication abilities, dealt with respect for
confidential information, with large amounts of information, improved researching skill. Plus,  information and legal advice, referral and mediation in areas such as Immigration, Nationality, Labour, Social Security, Minors,  Access to Law and the Courts,  among others.


Cândido Mendes' University – Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL
Executive MBA  in Tax Planning and Management – March 2014 to July 2015 

Prepare professionals focused on the success of corporate economic and financial activities, ensuring the valuation of active employees, enabling them to make efficient and effective management of business logistics processes, but also to prepare them for continuing adding value to the business through the correct strategic management of logistics activity and to properly utilize the tools available such as BSC, practice reducing costs, identify opportunities, improve service levels and gain global competitiveness for the organization.

University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law - Lisbon – PORTUGAL
Law Degree, Dec 2009

Providing legal education on propaedeutic disciplines of knowledge oriented to Justice. With early training in the disciplines of necessary cultural dimension for a full understanding of the contexts in which it is created and applied the law, 1. Cycle (Law Degree) requires theoretical and doctrinal learning only later realized in concrete cases and specialties allowing the student a general knowledge of the legal system, critical ability to analyze the laws and rules of law from Conceptual rigor and exposure in their opinions. I studied Comparative Law in Brazil in 2010, both in UNICURITIBA, city of Curitiba,State of Paraná and in the Law School of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Comparative Law describes, analyzes and compares foreign legal systems, and is increasingly important in the trend toward globalization. It is essentially an academic study that both separately describes different legal systems and pits two or more legal systems against one another to determine the differences.


I Speak native Portuguese, and fluent Spanish and English. Because I have a Tax Law preparation, good computer skills, excellent at dealing with people, and because I have travelled a lot and lived in different countries, I am patient and know how to deal with people from different cultures, ages, personalities and backgrounds.

REFERENCES ( contact numbers/email addresses available upon request)
Soares Parente, Lawyer - PORTUGAL
Alvaro Teixeira, Entrepreneur – BRAZIL
Jennifer Mills, Resort General Manager - CAYMAN ISLANDS
Toufic Mansour, Trader - USA and UAE

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