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Juliano D.

Serial Entrepreneur, Co Founder, Business Dev 2.0.

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StartUp Business Model Manifest 2015.

I'm Juliano DAG, I live in Paris and São Paulo, I translate business requirements into innovative, secure and reliable business software solutions. I love the startup atmosphere, I like meet interesting people starting up, and talk about exciting projects with a cup of coffee. I've passion for helping others launch and grow their businesses.

Working with start-up companies and big accounts since early 2K, I specialize in leading software development teams to create and execute aggressive growth strategies leading to profitable liquidity events using agile methodologies in an exciting and multicultural experience including: Brazil, Greece, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.

Active, on creating innovative solutions concerning contact-less/RFID transactions, mobile and biometric payment, fingerprint recognition devices, media asset management software integration, ecommerce platform and eBanking.

My knowledge combine the fundamental principles of real world experience, acquired from projects of my team, clients and partners.

Connect on LinkedIn : fr.juliano@yahoo.fr, I speak portuguese, french, english, and a little broken spanish. So, let's colaborate.

For a moment of motivation I recomend, give it a try:
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* Madre Perle: http://madreperle.kaasconsulting.com.br/

* KAAS Consulting

* Conix Consulting

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