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Michael F.


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Sobre mí
I’m a highly skilled Web developer with 5+ years of experience with a focus on PHP, passionate about technology. Experience with backend, frontend and process of integration continuous and automatization for the developers team.
Specialties: PHP, Linux, MySQL, MongoDB, CSS, Python, Git, jQuery, Subversion, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, Vanilla JS, ReactJs, React Native, Angular.
Historia laboral
University Internship
Petrex S.A. Colombian Branch, Bogotá.
● Human Resources Support And ICT Area,

Systems Assistant
Matempo S.A.S - CF Logistica ● PHP Developer.
PHP Developer
Quasar Software Ltda.
● Backend Development (PHP)
● Front End Development (HTML, CSS, JS).
● Databases (MySQL)

System Analyst
Ximil Technologies S.A.S
● Backend Development (PHP, C# .NET)
● Drupal CMS.
● Databases (MySQL, POSTGRES, Oracle).
● Linux server administration.

Web Developer
● Development E-Learning Modules (PHP), for LMS.
● Front End Development (HTML, CSS, JS, Angular)
● Centos Server Administration.
● AWS.
● Frameworks (Laravel).

Full Stack Web Developer
Zav Group S.A.S
● Backend Development (PHP, C# .NET)
● Front End Development (CSS3, JS, Angularjs, Angular 5, React).
● Frameworks (Codeigniter).
● CMS (Wordpress)

Web Developer
The BrandSpa S.A.S
● Backend Development (PHP, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails)
● Front End Development (CSS3, JS, React, Angular, React).
● React Native.
● Frameworks (Lavarel).
● CMS (Wordpress).

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