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Helder S.

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I'm Helder from Brazil. I'm a PHP Developer looking for grow my career. I'm interested in working on bigger projects and with great people in the software development area. I completed my studies and received my degree in Computer Science. I also have a ZCE certification in PHP.

I enjoy taking on new projects and the challenge of programming as well as working with a team. I am confident in my programing skills and I apply them to the job I am given. I'm motivated to share my ideas with the company if it will improve the programing project we are working on. I love to learn new technologies and can quickly learn and use the right one to solve a problem. I am competent working with SQL based RDBS like PostgreSQL and MySQL, NoSQL dabases like ArangoDB and Redis, SOAP and REST based web services, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, overall web based software architectures and agile methodologies.

I can say I don't have a blog to brag about my best code ever and my homemade plugins... And the truth is, I'm not a ninja or a jedi. There's not much on my github either... And I have a low score on StackOverflow. But still I love coding. I can ship good code and my team and clients are happy about it. What more could you ask for?
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I started my career as freelancer years ago and after got experience I started to working in startup to get experience and how to build products with the cutting edges technologies and approaches. After more than 9 years of experience with web development, I'm restarting do freelancer jobs to delivery from direct client the best I have done along of these years.

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