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Nine years experience in development of systems in C++ for financial market. Hands on programmer responsible also for code review. Strong knowledgement of OOP, UML and Design Patterns, in special Abstract Factory, Reactor/Proactor, Visitor/Observer, Facade, Proxy and Singleton patterns. Responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of the “Bovespa Gateway Client” and “WTRApi Client”, both systems responsible for first layer validation and order routing for principal Brazilian Stock Exchanges, Bovespa and BMF. Experience with FIX Protocol, market data, OMS, EMS and graphical trading applications. Extensive usage of STL and Boost to provide high speed development allied with platform independence. Large experience in multithreading and networking applications.

Areas of expertise:

● C++ development    
● Multithreading
● Networking    
● High Frequency Trading
● Refactoring    
● Graphical Trading system
● Algorithm trading    
● Multiplatform systems
● Market Data systems
● FIX Protocol    
● Order routing and management systems
Historia laboral
Valor Economico, Sao Paulo, Brazil 07/2013 - Present
C++ Senior Developer
Responsible to create a new Graphical System for plotting historical price information. The system was created using OpenGL, boost and C++11.

CMA, São Paulo, Brazil    10/2004 - 07/2013
C++ Senior Developer
Senior C++ developer on CMA OMS product, a product that can manage and route orders for stock markets in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and United States, in most cases using FIX Protocol. This system is multiplatform and was implemented in C and C++. When I joined the team the product was already made. My job was to remove some bottlenecks and refactory some crucial parts, like the Interprocess communication between the modules. After that I’ve acted to solve bugs left by the original programmers and to implement new functionalities according to internal and external demands. Recently I made an Ajax Comet Server based on Pion (, responsible to handle http requests for incoming orders for the OMS, and also streaming Market Data in real time to connected browsers, which in recent tests was able to handle more than 2k simultaneous active connections.
Key Achievements:
•    Development of an http publisher system using Ajax Comet technology, using a open source tool named Pion ( ). Project made using C++ and boost.
•    Improvement of performance on CMA OMS trading system, removing processing bottlenecks and creating an efficient database caching system.
•    Development of new features on CMA charting system (CMA S4). This tool was made using C++ and MFC.

Woodstone, Belgium    10/2004 - 10/2004
C++ Senior Developer
Worked as a freelancer Senior C++ developer to create a COM interface to access MySQL database, to be consumed by a monitoring tool created by this company. The COM provided all the basic access methods to MySQL database.
Key Achievements:
•    First international professional relationship.
•    Extensive use of STL.

Macsys, São Paulo, Brazil    03/2001 – 10/2004
C++ Developer
Worked with Bovespa and BMF Stock Market Exchanges, developing solutions to provide electronic trading for home broker users and also professional market users. I was also responsible to maintain and create new features to all Home Brokers clients in São Paulo. It was my first contact with financial market and when I develop my skills as a C++ developer. Extensive use of stl and design patterns like façade and abstract factor.
Key Achievements:
•    Worked with Bovespa (Brazilian Stock Market Exchange) to develop a new API, based on COM, to allow brokers directly send orders using their home broker systems. Client/Server project made with c++ and MFC.
•    Worked with BMF (Derivatives Brazilian Stock Market Exchange) to develop an API, to allow brokers to deal short contracts of derivatives, integrated with a risk management tool. Client/Server multiplatform project made using C++. Same code ran on Windows (COM), HP-AIX and Solaris (both dynamic libraries).
•    Maintained an C++ system responsible to deal all trades made on Bovespa’s floor. These trades were read by an optical card reader machine that communicated, by serial port, with a windows application that sent the order directly to matching system.

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