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Franco L.

Founder at Vita Developers

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I'm a person that loves challenges. I think that the problems just have to be split in smaller chunks and then you just have to work your way on them, so why not push harder everyday?
Historia laboral
* Founder at Vita Developers: Started my own consulting company. Feel free to request an account to our CMS so you can test it.

* PRO Argentina: I work managing all the digital media and development solutions that this political party needs.

* Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Government Administration): I develop all the websites that need to get to the public, and also create tools that enable us to do our work faster.

* Codeigniter Ninjas (Internet): Management, Code and Development of our custom CMS

* Pampa Developers (Internet) [from 7/2011]: Lots of PHP and Coldfusion development. xHTML, HTML, XUL, Firefox Extensions, Chrome Extensions, APIs, Webservices, Crawlers, Scrappers, Search Engines, whole applications, mobile applications, Wordpress, Joomla, CODEIGNITER!, legacy apps, wrappers, AJAX and so many other things that I can't remember right now...

* - Freelancer (Internet) [from 2011]

* BahiaStudio (Internet) [from 2/2009]

* BahiaStudio (Internet) [from 1/2009]: I used to code in PHP/MySQL, CSS, xHTML, JavaScript/jQuery.
I've made CMS starting from scratch for clients, for example an online selling tool for a store (they were using it to sell products on the physical store too!). So, if you're thinking that a project is impossible to be finished, I'll show that you're wrong!

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